Jane Lynch sells us on XBox and fun


Having conquered the big screen, the small screen, the stage and Twitter, Jane Lynch is turning her attention to the final frontier: the video game console. The ubiquitous quipster is the fresh face and voice of Xbox, and their new marketing slogan — "It’s more fun time!" — fits her perfectly.

In addition to starring in XBox’s ptint ads and TV spots, Jane narrates the "more fun time" experience at XBox.com.

She also participated in some hilarious behind-the-scenes interviews while she was shooting the commercials. In the first one she answers the question: Are you real?


In the second interview, she reveals what she would do if fun grew on trees, and discusses her heroes. Also, she robs the craft services table.


In the final interview, she talks about the things she’d like more of (besides fun, obviously).


Jane’s answer to "What would you do if fun grew on trees?" is my favorite.

"I would purchase myself an orchard, and I would create a delicious bottled version of fun called ‘Jane Juice.’"

I’m a Wii and PS3 girl, so I don’t see any XBox fun time in my future, but if Jane Juice were a real thing, I’d buy it in bulk at Costco.

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