Styled Out: Sneaker pimps


Sneakers never used to be a wardrobe staple of mine. In fact, up until about 3 years ago I didn’t even own a pair of shoes with laces. Gasp! As soon as I let a pair of borrowed green and purple hybrid kicks into my life, though I haven’t looked back. And since we’ve been discussing the need to re-vamp our closet situations over the past few weeks, this is an obvious next step: It’s essential to have the right pair of sneakers and trends have shifted in our favor, because they can be worn with most anything these days, if done right.

I came across these babies from Treehugger while browsing the web for some metallic sneaker options the other day. They are made from recycled computer chips and the source is claiming that might be just for geeks, so maybe I’d better put on some taped glasses because these sneaks are kind of calling my name.

The reason I find them so intriguing is I’ve never seen anything like them anywhere and they’re actually on the “fancier” end of lace up kicks — not to mention a very “green” choice. I feel like you could wear these with some skinny black pants, an even narrower black tie and wow the s–t out of everyone in the room. Wearing a pair of these would make it easy to “dull” down the rest of your ensemble and make these the superstar element, which makes getting dressed on those days where you just can’t think about it all the easier.

Anyway, I’m freaking out because these are basically the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s no secret that I’ve got a soft spot for high tops, and Puma has kind of taken the cake for me. Designer Alexander McQueen and fashion photographer Nick Knight have teamed up with the brand to design a totally intricate and interesting concept that they’re calling Crane vs. Tiger, a collection embodying the “physical and mental power existence at the very core of sport, and the collection strives to interpret and convey it in innovative and unexpected ways.”

If you’re not into the high top options that I’m obsessed with, the various other shoes in the amazing collection are sure to please, because come on- when couture expertise is fused with the casual it can only result in pure magic. Instant fan, and the sports apparel that they’ve designed to accompany the shoes are a sight for sore eyes to boot.

For the more practical minded of folks who’d still like to throw a little color into their life before the bleak months strike, Adidas’ classic sailing light series are awesome and wildly comfortable. The green and magenta shades are the ones that are pulling on my heart strings the hardest, but there a plethora of colors to choose from so don’t be afraid to browse.

This brand is always economical, totally functional and flexible, and wear in like champs. Nothing is better than a good worn in pair of Adidas and from what I can tell by some lesbian’s visor representations, y’all are fans.

Have you gone shoe shopping lately?

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