Lindsay Lohan’s got leggings


Lindsay Lohan really has something against pants. The girl is rarely seen sporting a pair of skinny jeans, preferring instead the super-ultra skinny look of her trademark piece of clothing: leggings.

When she launched her own line of leggings for Nordstrom, 6126, we got it. She’s so into leggings, she needs to make her own for other people to buy. Fine. But, photos for her Spring 2010 ad campaign for 6126 Leggings have just started popping up online and they are confusing, to say the least.

The photos themselves, shot by celeb photographers Indrani and Markus Klinko (who will star in Bravo’s new reality show Double Exposure) are hot, as most non-tabloid-y snapshots of LiLo are. But the leggings themselves really make no sense.

In one photo, it looks as though Linds is only wearing some biker shorts, with sheer leggings possibly attached. She’s apparently going for the “Spandex shorts with tights underneath are totes in, guys!” look. It’s not working.

Another campaign photo features her leaning against what may or may not be a stripper pole in a basic long black pair with gratuitous gaping slits down the sides. Someone call Brett Michaels and tell him his pants from 1985 were found. The rest of her outfit is straight out of Poison video. Lindsay, the groupie look doesn’t work for you.

Then, there’s the wannabe high-waisted skinny jeans but are really just high-waisted leggings meant to maybe sorta look like high-waisted skinny jeans pair. Too much effort! Just suck it up and wear some denim already!

I don’t even have words for the all-lace-in-back pair that shows off her underwear. While these all make for attention-getting photos of Lindsay Lohan not looking crazy, it’s hard to believe they’re supposed to be selling an actual product. What do you think? Could you see yourself (or anyone you know for that matter) painting on a pair if 6126?

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