The Weekly Geek: Could Captain Janeway “Trek” Again?


Star Trek Voyager fans, prepare to have your heart rates accelerated to warp speed. Kate Mulgrew, the actress who portrayed the wonderful, dynamic, possibly lesbionic Captain Kathryn Janeway, has expressed an interest in appearing in a new Star Trek film. The Geek Files blog has the scoop:

Asked by Sci Fi Now if she’d consider a role in the new films, she said: "I would, I’d love to return to Janeway. I’d love to do her in a movie. I think he’d be wise to do it, don’t you? He should get me and Picard in there. It’s a brilliant idea.”

The latest Star Trek film covered its tracks in re-launching the “original” series with Kirk, Spock and the gang — but it also allowed for the possibility for other characters in the universe to appear. With a touch of creative sci-fi imagining, Picard and Janeway could totally make cameos.

Writer/director JJ Abrams is apparently cool with the idea of allowing the multi-generational mixing: “’Now that we are in a parallel existence with what fans of the original series love so much, we could introduce any number of characters, settings, references and situations that the original series introduced.’”

Now, of course, Janeway and company weren’t part of the original series, which takes place about a century before the continued events from the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager TV series, and the subsequent Next Generation era movies. But they’re all part of the same universe, and hell, this is science fiction — anything can happen. I say, bring on the powerful female captain! While we’re at it, can we request that Seven of Nine be included with the Janeway? If so, can they please, finally get it on?

It’s just a thought.

Of course, if you’re not interested in mixing the complicated “canon” storyline, or not into Trek at all, then let me attempt to appease you with a “found” photograph from another era (and another galaxy, far away) entirely.

The Sci Fi Wire posted this little gem just yesterday. They look very comfortable, wouldn’t you say?

Finally, I just wanted to mention that the beloved children’s series Sesame Street just celebrated its 40th birthday this week. In order to commemorate the occasion, Sci Fi Wire posted a collection of clips that recall the best sci-fi moments of the show. Be sure to check out the “Ernie and Bert meet the Martians” video for a quick (and adorable!) look at TV’s first gay couple — and their encounter with friendly space aliens.

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