Shontelle says she could easily fall for Alicia Keys


Pop singer Shontelle recently took 12 random questions from the site Neon Limelight, and one of them was, of course, “Who is your girl crush?”

The 24-year-old singer, whose single “T-Shirt” was a hit over the summer, answered with a laugh:

Like if I had to be lesbian for a day, who would be my chick? Hmmm. Who do I think is just so hot? That’s hard. It would be a toss up between Alicia Keys and freakin’ — shoot. I hope Brad Pitt doesn’t get mad. Angelina Jolie is so hot.

It would probably be Alicia, because, you know what, she’s musical. We would just sit there and talk about songs. And then she could just play the piano for me and I would just cry and sit there. She wouldn’t even have to touch me. I would just be like I love you. I’m in love.

In the past, I have to admit, I’ve been annoyed with the “girl crush” question, or mostly, the way that the media turned a simple statement into a “lesbian confession.” But with answers like the one Shontelle gave, I might have a change of heart.

When straight women answer the “girl crush” question with an fun, lighthearted spirit, it’s a subtle kind of support, in a way. I appreciate the openness that straight celebrities seem to have in the way of answering these types of hypothetical or irrelevant questions. Shontelle chose Alicia Keys (a lesbian favorite) for her awesome talent and the camaraderie they would have. That’s an awesome reason for a girl crush, or a crush on anyone at all.

The singer also said that if she could have anyone cover one of her songs, it would be our bisexual pop star Lady Gaga:

It would be really cool just because Lady Gaga is so freakin’ cool and she is so versatile herself, it would be really amazing to hear Lady Gaga do a song like “Life Is Not An Easy Road” or like a reggae song. That would be really awesome. That would be so cool. And to see her sit and play it on the piano, that would be really, really interesting. I don’t think there’s anything Lady Gaga can’t do.

A cover, or perhaps, a duet. Now get Alicia Keys in on that for a threesome trio, and we’re good to go.

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