Styled Out: Costume central


The time is upon us and, no, I’m not speaking of some sort of wildly epic anticipated release like Sainthood — but almost as important. I say it every year, but I will reiterate: Halloween is the best and only acceptable time to completely emulate and become someone else for an evening and this year in the spirit of feminism and queer women everywhere, I think it’s necessary to represent.

Hilary Swank and Paula Abdul have both dressed up as their best Ellen DeGeneres

I like to be conscious and sensitive to tight wallets in general and with holidays like this one, it’s not hard to and besides, nothing is as fun as putting your own original spin on a costume. Lesbians have a reputation for being frugal, so you might as well go for the gold with this one and attack your neighborhood thrift store. It’s fun and monetarily conscious.

I usually have a hope and a dream regarding a costume I myself am not going to don but one that I hope to see out and about and this year is no exception. I think it would be awesome if I saw a girl or two out rocking the Rachel Maddow. Not only is she one of the most lusted after power lesbians, her costume could probably be pretty easily comprised of components of your own wardrobe — let’s call a spade a spade.

You also have some options. You could be casual Rachel in a sport jacket, T-shirt, jeans and a pair of converse. If you want to dress to impress and go out of your normal attire, you can pick up a power suit at almost any second hand store or even somewhere random, like Sears. Just because she’s in couture doesn’t mean you have to be. All that matters is that you have the perfect wig, the right glasses and of course the attitude. I’m pretty sure this would guarantee a shot, too.

I think by now my regular readers are pretty accustomed to my obsession, I mean, intense feelings, surrounding roller derby and with the release of Whip It!, it’s pretty much the perfect opportunity for you to mimic your favorite female from the flick. I think the most recognizable would of course be the obvious choice, Babe Ruthless (Ellen Page) but I have to say that Iron Maven (Juliette Lewis) might get a few hoots and hollers as well, if not more.

If wearing a costume all night long, and possibly pairing it with a few drinks doesn’t make you want to embrace your alternate persona, I’m not sure what will — just try to not start any food fights. This costume can easily be pieced together, you get to take out any pent up aggression while tearing up your tights “just so”, and best of all you can wear roller skates all night long.

My number one “livin’ vicariously through you” couple’s costume wish this year is for some fabulous duo to dress up like the Indigo Girls.

Oh. My. God. It would be so funny. Can you imagine walking into a party and seeing a pair dressed up in the quintessential wigs, button-downs or T-shirts and flared jeans? If you could play guitar, it would pretty much be the ultimate. Any party that you show up to you could create a sing-a-long with the guests and I’m pretty sure if it’s a homo-heavy celebration, you’d be bound to win a prize for best costume.

Who are you wearing this year?

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