TV Alert: Jane Velez-Mitchell brings a former girlfriend and an ex-boyfriend to “Dr. Phil”


Openly gay CNN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell is scheduled to appear on Dr. Phil today to discuss addiction and the process of coming out as a lesbian, which she did publicly in 2007.

Velez-Mitchell is the host of Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, the topical catch-all show that airs weeknights on Headline News. Since taking over the show earlier this year, she’s ramped up HLN’s ratings 74 percent, something The New York Time attributed to her Three Ps: Passion, personality and a point.

Valez-Mitchell is also the author a new memoir, iWant: My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption to a Simpler, Honest Life.

On today’s show, Mitchell tells Dr. Phil: “The process of getting honest is a slow, long one and if I hadn’t gotten sober first, I would have never gotten to the point to be honest about my sexual orientation.”

It’s brave to write a candid memoir and then discuss it on national television, but even braver? Valez-Mitchell has invited her former long-time girlfriend and ex-boyfriend to join her on the show to talk about their relationships with her.

Dr. Phil will also speak to a 39-year-old woman who says she knew she was a lesbian at 13, but after undergoing IVF to have a baby, she’s not sure anymore. And he’ll speak to a mom whose daughter is bisexual, telling her: “Rather than focusing on what you want the truth to be, you need to find out what the truth is and then focus on educating yourself about it.”

MY DVR is calling this episode “Relationship Surprises: Dr. Phil’s guests talk about their sexuality, and reveal their personal stories about coming to terms with being gay and how it affects their loved ones.”

Since it’s Dr. Phil and not Tyra, I think it will be informative rather than titillating.

We’ll have a recap of the episode tomorrow. Will any of you be tuning in?

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