Lesbians work hard to play hard


Even though we all may not be so good with power tools, one thing I pride lesbians on is that we know how to get the job done. No matter what kind of task is at hand, we’re always on top of it (well, not always).

On Labor Day, I’d like to recognize some lesbians (fictional and real alike) who really deserve to take a day off.

Candace Jewell (Ion Overmann) put in some long, hard hours of manual labor in the name of giving Bette what she wanted on The L Word.

Cat Cora and partner Jennifer both went into labor not too long ago. That’s got to be tiring!

If you’ve ever seen Anger Management, I don’t know how could you watch Mad Men and not think about January Jones kissing another woman. I mean that’s hard work.

The Closer‘s Detective Mikki Mendoza (Paola Turbay) seems to have a lot of time off — so much that we don’t even know if she’s returning to work. Oh well, it’s still a holiday. Enjoy, Mikki!

Lastly, Ilene Chaiken really needs some time to take a vacation. Please, Ilene, take a load off — stop thinking about ways to profit off of lesbians tell our stories for once and have a drink with an umbrella in it.

Let someone else create some quality content for the lesbian crowd. We’ll all feel much better, I promise!

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