The Weekly Geek: Disney buys into comics


I would be a very bad geek columnist if I didn’t touch on this week’s biggest and most shocking bit of news: Disney, purveyor of all things cute and cuddly, just purchased Marvel, the studio behind some of the most bad ass superheroes, as well as their comic books movies, video games and action figures).

Holy cannoli, Batman! (I can say that because Bats is a DC character, and hence immune to the whole deal.)

There’s certainly been a big geek response on Twitter. Many fans are not happy about this particular arrangement. Disney has that family image that say, Wolverine fans aren’t taking too kindly to.

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams (he of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame): “Don’t panic.” Disney is probably (well, hopefully) smart enough to know that mixing Mickey Mouse with Magneto is a bad idea. Just look at the way that Pixar operates largely independently, and produces consistently excellent films, many of which are bona-fide geek favorites. (Wall-E, anyone?)

If you need a salve, take heart — you can watch the first episode of the Spider Woman motion comic right on Marvel’s site for free.

In funnier news, Urlesque’s Kelly Reeves is actually calling for a daylong boycott of cat-related internet humor on September 9. If you can go 24 hours without a “LOLcat “or opening that new video that your mom thought was “hysterical,” then you can show support for “A Day Without Cats on the Internet.”

Lesbian stereotypes need not apply &#8212 this is not a call for cat-hate, merely an acknowledgment that kitties doing cutesy things online has just gotten out of hand. The poor dears need a break.

OK, so it may not be as important a cause as say, The Human Rights Campaign, but this is an event guaranteed not to depress you. Unless, of course, you can’t make it through the day without a dose of feline humor. In that case, indulge.

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