The lesbian members of The Cliks leave the band


Yesterday, The Cliks frontman, Lucas Silveria wrote a MySpace blog to announce that his out bandmates, Morgan Doctor and Jen Benton have decided to quit and “pursue their own ambitions.”

“To be blunt, the road beat us up and knocked us out,” Lucas wrote. “When we all woke up, we each saw a different road ahead. These things happen, it’s that simple. I respect their decision and hope you will as well.

The band has had several different versions of a line-up with Lucas being the only permanent member. As he noted on the blog, “I started this alone, 3 albums and 8 line ups later, in the words of Sir Elton John, ‘I’m still standing.'”

Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls will be drumming for upcoming Cliks gigs and Lucas said there will be new members, which made for a kind of weird ending to the MySpace post:

Maybe we can have so many ongoing member changes that we can start a trading card series. Now that’s a good idea!

Everyone will all sit at shows trying to trade their doubles and the conversations will sound like this:

Girl #1 — “Hey, I have 2 Heidi Chans and no Morgan Doctor. I’ll trade you.”

Girl #2 — “No way, I already have a Heidi Chan, how about you give me your Jen Benton for an Ezri Kaysen?”

Girl #1 — “Do you have any idea how long it took me to get this Ezri Kaysen? That is a really rare card. Only 20 in existence. No way. I had to trade one of my Lucas Silveira’s before top surgery for it.”

Girl #2 — “Well forget it then. You suck. Wanna make out?”

Girl #1 — “OK.”

Will you stick with The Cliks, no matter who is in the band?

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