Styled Out: The Quins have it


So, this week it was like some sort of magical creature handed me the perfect opportunity to talk about one of my absolute favorite topics. Not surprisingly to some of you, I’m sure, I’m referring to Tegan and Sara.

Let’s talk about their new haircuts and the ones that first got them famous because, let’s be honest, it’s been a journey and they could “take me anywhere” on it.

Every album seems to not only be a debut for an array of pop-infused lesbian love tracks but also to make the next big statement in the hair and fashion world. I happen to know firsthand that their hair has been mimicked so often that the girls have become a point of reference in my very own salon when referring to a specific style of cut. Wild, right?

So Jealous was the obvious beginning of recognizing a pair of Canadian lesbian identical twins for their locks as well as their la-la’s.

I think that this cut sort of marked the mod that seems to fluctuate so easily between their “different-yet-similar” hairstyles, and with good reason- they are universal and wearable while still able to be customized to the individual so it’s not some sort of Jennifer Aniston look-a-like disaster.

2007’s The Con inspired a slightly different sound and a newer look from our wannabe girlfriends. It was asymmetrical, it was totally cut out on one side and Sara went as far putting in steps in hers (which I proceeded to beg my friend Liz to copy) and she sported them for almost a year, side swept tail and all.

This is my favorite and most envied haircut as of late simply because it’s one that my hair texture and curl pattern won’t allow. Sad face.

The big lead up has everything to do with October’s latest LP, which I know is probably old news falling on queer ears, but Sainthood is shaping up to be another brilliant addition into the chronicles of style for T + S. The haircut is a trip back in time to those Mod-licious roots and their 24-year-old selves (as is the black and white striped shirt they’re wearing in the album art), just an updated version.

Gone are the straight and technical lines that shaped the original and bring on the almost Beatle-sequel crop, soft and face framing. Did I mention hot?

In other Tegan and Sara news, don’t forget the Macbeth shoes have returned and are back in stock (at least temporarily) so here’s your second chance to nab a pair. Regarding autumn and the girls’ new look:“Dark, you can’t come soon enough for me.”

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