Styled Out: Rock and rolling


When I was in fourth grade, I had an “incident” while rollerskating — meaning I fell down and broke my arm while having some kind of pretend “figure skating” show with my sister. Awesome. I had quite the aversion to the mobile shoes for years afterward, cringing when my dad presented me with a shiny pair of new Blades for my fourteenth birthday.

As an adult, I’ve gotten totally obsessed with roller derby and have nothing but envy for those girls skating their little hearts our around the rink. As usual, it’s not the actual athleticism that I’m impressed by, but their foot ware.

It seems as though your run-of-the-mill skates (ones that aren’t the most amazing or fast thing that you will ever put on your feet) will cost you a cool $50. These are the plain white or black kind and you can find them on websites like but I actually think that’s kind of a plus. I remember back in the day when shopping for the perfect pair that black wasn’t even an option if you were shopping in the “girl” section.

Men’s sizes are always a good backup but sometimes they can be a bit too wide since they aren’t technically catered to the ladies. The other bonus is that you can change out your wheels and laces as much as you like should you end up being so dedicated to the sport.

The professional Derby gals seem to rock some cool stuff like these Riedell skates which also come with extra special touches, like flame designs. I can’t speak for every Roller Derby jammer as to whether or not this is the exact brand of choice, but it certainly seems to be the style.

I have a few friends and acquaintances that dabble in the derby and it’s preferred because of the increased mobility it allows your ankle and therefore, your foot. It seems as if your serious or even thinking about skating with the likes of hardcore derby ladies, it’s best to throw down the extra wad for the skates that will make you whiz in front of the bunch. Legitimate websites or skate shops will custom make derby skates at your request, too.

I know it’s kind of ridic, but I really, really like the glow in the dark and techni-color roller skates (please control your shock and awe), though they are a bit reminiscent of the L.A. Gear pair that got in me into my little nine year-old debacle.

Old habits die hard, aye? This would also be the perfect opportunity to remind of all of you folks to wear some gear, OK? You will look more awesome with wristbands on than with a cast.

May I have this skate-dance?

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