Batwoman Recap 1.7 — It’s Getting GAY In Here!


A militant assassin tries to take out a scientist through the scope of a rifle, but Batwoman shoots her lasso before he can take the shot. She leaves him for the Crows, slipping out the back. Sophie catches up to her in the alley, telling Kate to own up to her dad. Batwoman plays dumb and asks “do you trust me?” before rocketing away faster than bae when you tell her to come over.

In the Bat Cave, an angsty Kate punches the air, summersaulting moodily and generally being extra. She talks with Luke, recounting a time when she considered Sophie a confidant. In a sultry flashback we see the two in bed in the throes of passion, Kate looking somewhere between puppy dog adoration and dear god marry me now. It’s clear they were weak for each other. To see more smoldering looks, check out our recap of Episode 1.

Flashing back, Kate has a mile long stare that we can all agree says boobies. She and Luke decide she must convince the hell out of Sophie, and trust that their connection remains.

In the Crows Nest, Sophie’s hubby Tyler (which, I must say, is such a little boy’s name, fitting with his little-boy hedgehog hair) sees footage of them standing in the alley and asks suspiciously, “Are you working with Batwoman? Do you know her? Look how close you are.” Sophie lies her ass off, but looks shaken.

That night, Batwoman goes to protect the scientist from The Rifle again. A masked woman tries to apprehend him as Batwoman saunters up, and when she fails, Kate whips a lasso at the villain, easily taking him down. I love this cool and collected bat-titude. Unfortunately, the masked woman wants credit for herself, and fights Batwoman allowing him to get away. But wait! The hooded woman reveals a familiar blond face. The two know each other? 

Too bad this costs the scientist his life. Mouse and Alice get stabby, as they tend to do, removing the last person in the world who knows how the supergun they stole works. The Rifle is pissed that he wasn’t allowed to finish the job, and says his boss won’t give Alice what she’s owed just yet.

In the Bat Cave, we get introduced to a confident, teasing, and British Julia, who knew Bruce Wayne and taught Kate some fighting moves back in the day, and some other movies. Apparently, Julia was sent undercover as a fake Krav Maga teacher to keep an eye on a freshly-expelled Kate, but the two hooked up big time. Kate is salty and doesn’t want to—as they say—get in bed again with someone who told such a “white lie.” Luke walks up to Julia and is overjoyed to see her again. The gang brings up Sophie (to Kate’s embarrassment) and that she has to be stopped from exposing Kate’s identity.

In another flashback to Point Rock Military Academy, we see Kate and Sophie discussing what to do a week before graduation when their relationship is found out. A CW explanation by the actresses of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is covered here. Kate is confident the academy’s two best, record-breaking cadets won’t be sacked (pretty hot that they’re both talented AF) but Sophie, who doesn’t have Cane family privilege, is freaking out. However, they agree to “stand united” and tell the truth about being MAD GAY FOR EACH OTHER. But as viewers know, it didn’t work out that way.

In the present, Sophie gets a text from Kate asking to meet and basically jumps out of her chair with excitement. She rushes off, promising to tell her worried husband everything after. The two meet at a fancy restaurant, and Sophie jokes that, “if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were about to propose.” Kate really hams up appearances and holds her hands. The homophobic restaurant owner rushes over and makes excuses about Kate’s sneakers (which several men in the room are wearing) to make her leave. Kate calls him out, starts a scene, and they finally leave. 

In yet another flashback, we see Kate’s dad Jacob advise Sophie to lie to the Academy. He seems to speak in a loving way. Sophie confesses she loves Kate and wants to stick together, but Jacob makes it clear she’ll lose everything, and wakes her up to reality. 

Because she’s such a straight-shooter, Sophie tearfully tells Tyler about her three-year relationship with Kate. When he asks if whatever is between them is gone, she says, “You’re my husband.” When he asks again, she’s silent.

Catherine tells Jacob that her company’s supergun is on the streets, and could kill Batwoman, but Jacob says that’s not his problem, let alone priority. Hearing this, Sophie finally pulls the bandaid off, telling Jacob that Kate is Batwoman: “Sir, she’s your daughter.”

Tracking the supergun to an empty building, Sophie runs into Batwoman, and admits, “If I could do it all again, I’d jump on the back of your motorcycle.” But then Kate walks in. So who’s Batwoman? Before we find out, The Rifle shoots her through the wall, down to the ground, where the Crows storm in and imprison her. Kate rushes off to save Julia. Their crazy plan isn’t going according to plan!

Kate uses her medal-worthy sharpshooter skills, while on a motorcycle, to blast one of the transport van’s tires. She single-handedly takes down four Crows to escort Julia away, who somehow survived the lethal blast that should have killed her. We see in a flashback that Alice changed the bullet before handing it over. Where do her allegiances lie?

Julia says ta-ta for now, but before she leaves, encourages Kate to open up more than Bruce Wayne did, and have more people in her corner.

Kate meets with Sophie in a derelict property—Cane Realty’s first project! Based on last night’s double-take, Sophie is now convinced Kate isn’t Batwoman (but somehow thinks it’s normal that Kate would shoot up a million dollar Crow’s van??). 

The sexual tension between the two is electric, both smiling like total goobers. But Kate, being the bigger person, says for Sophie’s sake (and her husband’s) that they should keep their distance. Sophie doesn’t seem to like this answer. Was she expecting Kate to be rash and sweep her off her feet? Kate has to play the long game now, and think of others besides herself. Sophie leaves Kate with a present—a medal from their time at the Academy. With only her gorgeous leather jacket to hold her, our baby butch breaks down and cries. 

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