Lez Dish It Out – 11/1/19


Here we ghouls! It’s time again for the weekly roundup of the biggest lesbian news that happened to come across the feed of one logged-on lesbian. It might not be the biggest lesbian news, but it’s the biggest news I know about! Sorry/you’re welcome. We got a couple of treats and a couple of tricks in here, but nothing too spooky.

Bogota’s First Female, Lesbian Mayor

Patty Suescún – Wikipedia

Yeaaah say hello to the HBIC of the capitol city of Columbia. Claudia López campaigned on a platform to combat corruption and advance civil rights for all. With lesbians heading up Chicago and Tampa, some are calling this the year of the lesbian mayor. We’ll take it!

Cuts to Delta In-Flight Movies

Delta cut the words ‘lesbian,’ and ‘vagina’ as well as a sex scene from the movie Booksmart. This is at least the fourth incident of Delta airlines censoring homosexual themes in their movies.

The scene itself was, according to one local lesbian “gross-core” and included vomiting and someone accidentally touching a butt-hole (I mean we’ve all been there, am I right?). However, according to her, and the director Olivia Wilde, the movie made no sense without that scene.

Keeana Kee Has a New Single

AfterEllen’s singing/songwriting girlfriend has a new single out.

World Audio Drama Day October 30th


World Audio Drama Day celebrates the power of audio drama in the tradition of radio classics like “War of the Worlds,” which turned 75 this week. If you’re looking for lesbian podcasts, the Sapphic Cast and Dyking Out, this podcast for out-late-in-life lesbians Lesbian Chronicles. We like “Danger Ramen,” produced by the desisted women from the Pique Resilience Project, but we should probably beg them to make another podcast since it’s been about seven months since the first.

Ingrid Nilsen Cooking Up Something Gay

Ingrid Nilsen and Chef Carter (photo by Ronald Justin Thompson)

YouTube lesbian and beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen has a new series on Facebook Watch called “Cooking with Pride.” Each episode features a different LGBT kitchen pro. Each episode airs Fridays, and you won’t wanna miss the fifth episode, featuring Chef Carter. From the promo: “Event curator and entrepreneur, Chef Carter, chops up cheesesteaks and chats about creating female-friendly experiences in LA. She and Ingrid cut up this classic sandwich and celebrate being a strong woman in a restaurant.” Yummy.

Free Menstrual Cup Giveaway!

Free Moon Cups

Christy Dawn has decided to give away 1,500 moon cups – with no purchase necessary, and no shipping fees! The mission is to make moon cups available to anyone who is interested, regardless of finances, and to open up the conversation around women’s health. GET YOURS NOW

Toronto Considering Curtailing Free Speech

In what was definitely the scariest news of the week, some 700 protesters surrounded the Toronto Public library while feminist critic and strident defender of lesbian-only spaces, Meghan Murphy, spoke about the harms to women posed by gender identity legislation. Transactivists hounded and attacked librarian Vickery Bowles demanding she cancel the event, and a special meeting of the city council with claims that the event was a danger to trans-identified people. Now, the city has voted to consult trans and queer stakeholders to determine if public spaces, which are usually protected by free speech laws, can be closed to speakers if they are deemed discriminatory to queer and trans-identified people.

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