It’s National Dog Week! Let’s Celebrate!


My dog Walter taking time to smell the roses.

Happy National Dog Week!

It seems like there’s a special week – or at least a day – for nearly everything from foods to hobbies and everything in between. But I can’t say I have any sort of problem with National Dog Week, which begins today! Dogs – a lesbian’s best friend. Not to mention how good they are for our health. In fact, a recent study has shown that people who talk to their dogs are smarter than those who don’t. So it only seems right we should celebrate our loyal companions from tiny Chis to giant Mountain Dogs. Here are nine ways to do just that.

Walter with his best buddy Blue in the school carpool line. “You promised us French fries!”

Go on an adventure. More and more hotels are allowing guests to bring their furry friends along. Even some of the big chains, including Kimpton, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Peninsula, and Marriott offer dog-friendly properties. There are even special amenities at many of them, including luxury dog beds, bowls, and treats.

Walter in his doggles and life jacket ready to jump on his Lazy Dog Lounger and float on the lake!

Take your buddy for a swim. Not all dogs take to water. But a preponderance of them certainly do. So take your pal for a jump in the lake, a lap around the pool, or a paddle in the ocean. Or, if your pet is anything like my Cairn Terrier/Chihuahua mix and prefers to be on the water rather than in Think about getting your pet a raft of his own!

Walter all dressed up as Elmo Santa ready to devour his Elmo Santa toy from Pet Krewe.

Dress your baby up. No need to be ashamed. Most of us love dressing up our dogs. No holiday required. These days you can find costumes of and for nearly anything. Just be sure you find a good fit, that your pet isn’t too warm or cold, and that your pet is able to move freely. But, beyond that, the sky’s the limit. Have fun!

Walter and his bestie Roxie hoping for a turkey sandwich all their own.

Help your dog make a new friend with a visit to the dog park. Not all dogs dig the dog park and meeting new pals to play. But if your guy is the gregarious kind, why not make a trip to your local dog park this week, where your four-legged friend can meet some new mates. And maybe – if you’re in the market – you can as well…

Roxie looking all googly eyed when the treat drawer gets opened.

Make a donation and/or volunteer at your local animal shelter. Not every dog is as lucky as yours. This is a great week to help dogs without a forever home. Make a donation to the SPCA or call up your local shelter and see how you can help in person or with donations of food and toys and the like.

These peanut butter treats make Walter swoon.

Bake them a yummy and dog-friendly treat. Treats can get expensive. So why not bake some of own. Besides, there’s really no better way to show someone – even a dog – how much you love them. There are all sorts of free recipes online, including this one for Peanut Butter Treats and this one for Cheesy Bone Treats.

These best buds are in twinning in their Dog Threads. Photo credit: Dog Threads

Get matching outfits. Yes. It’s true. You can even dress like your pet from jammies to Hawaiian shirts. The best part is that pet friend of yours can’t argue your plan like your human friends. Although don’t be surprised if puts up at least a teeny fight. So, do be sure to pick something comfy for you both!

Jinx and Madison are ready for their close-up.

Plan a pet play date. You’ve got a dog. Your friend has a dog. Why not gets the two of them together while giving you and your friend some time to connect as well. There are plenty of places you can meet in public, including coffee shops and cafes or meet at one of your homes, especially if there’s a yard in which playtime can ensue.

Your dog will look super on your custom sweater. Photo credit: Sweater Hound

Get gear with your dog on it. This is kind of silly, which is kind of what makes it so great. You can get socks and throws or even a stuffed animal version of your fine furry friend. Better yet, you can get a sweater with the apple of your eye on it wearing a bow tie, reindeer antlers, a mask and cape…or even a sweater of his own!

And a few more gratuitous doggie photos to celebrate the week!

Maggie is wondering if I know where Mama keeps the treats.

Hugo thinks those eyes will get him a cupcake!

Jax and I catching some Florida rays.


Pebbles has decided to never budge from my lap.

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