Styled Out: Beautiful bags


Ugh. Sigh. Gag. It’s back to school time and I’m kind of freaking out about finding the perfect bag. I’m into something that’s not going to totally tear off my shoulder everyday, but I’m not crazy about backpacks. Does such perfection actually exist? I’m not sure that it does, but it’s nothing a little virtual Nancy Drew style investigating can’t take care of.

I love Brooklyn Industries, but I was starting to lose faith in them when the over-sized, compartmentalized dream tote that had once been an angel in my eyes started to hurt me more than help me. The thing about Brooklyn is that is that it rarely fails to let me down in the area of finding a dependable piece, always cute however lately it’s becoming less unique as they grow and expand.

Awesome tip: All bags that you buy in store or online before August 30 are 30% off, which is kind of awesome. This is my favorite so far: Art Deco + Change bag. If I got it, it would basically change my life.

I’m considering throwing down for the Chrome brand. It’s ultimately the most conventional and probably comfortable way to haul your life around, as it evens out the weight that you are carrying evenly across your torso and back if you opt for their most popular messenger bag.

They do have a super comfy looking backpack, better than a traditional one and with a lot more padding on the straps. Avid bike riders will appreciate the fact that they have a whole section just for you, and I’ve been told that they’re a good extra defense against the elements and in the unfortunate off chance that you are propelled from your bike. They have a lot of different colors and styles, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

So, it almost hurts me to give out this information but I have to spill on my new favorite obsession: is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I found my perfect bathing suit, autumn wedding-appropriate dress and, now, this bag.

The Editor-In-Chief bag is my latest obsession. The problem for me is that it technically isn’t the most practical of bags for what I need it for but, my god, it’s so pretty. There’s a compartment for my BlackBerry and my iPod, which to me seem pretty important, right?

Sigh. Maybe next year when I don’t have to haul around a copy of Milady’s Standard Cosmetology everywhere I go.

I guess if I get new stuff I’ll drag myself back to beauty school. Are you ready?

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