Looking Back on Orange is the New Black


OITNB Final Season

I’m getting weepy over the release of the last Season of Orange Is the New Black.

How many millennial lesbians did some serious processing while watching beautiful and fully developed lesbian characters fall in love over the last six seasons? Orange is the New Black was fundamental to my coming out story and I’ll forever be grateful to Jenji Kohan and maybe more specifically Lea DeLaria for my sexual awakening. So in preparation for our goodbyes before our binging tonight, let’s look back over some monumental OITNB moments. And be sure to check out the OITNB special featurette at the end.

Season 1: Finally hearing Norma’s voice

Norma was always a wholesome breath of fresh air in the show. She stayed out of the drama, was largely respected, and was a loyal friend which was hard to come by in Litchfield. But Norma was always a mystery. In a sea of loud, opinionated women, Norma kept her opinions close to the vest. So after an entire season of silence, it was incredibly moving to hear Norma step up to sing I Saw the Light.


Season 2: Rosa running over Vee

After watching Vee’s reign of terror over the course of season two there was little more satisfying than watching her go down at the end of it. Rosa got her last ride and Taystee was vindicated after being hurt by Vee for the last time.


Season 3: The Lake Scene

The third season of Orange is the New Black was just a lesbian thirst trap with the addition of Ruby Rose. There were lots of tender lesbian moments in this season though between the development of the relationships from Poussey and Soso to Suzanne and Maureen. This was summed up beautifully at the end of the season when after a lot of drama and heartache, the women of Litchfield got to let loose and play in the lake after Norma bolts towards freedom as contractors attempt to work on the fence.


Season 4: Piper’s Branding

Piper got herself into some deep shit this season. She made an ass of herself aligning with the white power gang at Litchfield and faces the consequences in the form of a swastika branded on her forearm. This was resolved with another branding courtesy of Red who leaves us with this iconic quote, “When God gives you a swastika, he opens a window, and then you remember there is no God.”


Season 5: Taystee’s Speech

Poussey’s death left a dark cloud over Litchfield in the previous season. Season 5 was one of the hardest to watch. But Taystee who proved herself an incredible leader and inspirational speaker had the opportunity to speak on behalf of the inmates at Litchfield to the press in the midst of the prison riot. She gave us all goosebumps when she said, “Our fight is with a system that don’t give a damn about poor people, and brown people, and poor, brown people.”


Season 6: Flaca and Cindy’s Radio Series

Flaca and Cindy were some of the most entertaining characters from their respective social circles in the show. They were an unlikely friendship, but watching their relationship develop over the course of Season 6 was one of the best parts of the show with quality coverage of the cheese fiasco.



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