10 Summer Date Ideas You’ll Love


Summer is upon us, and whether you’re looking to surprise your long-term lady or impress your new crush, the summer offers fun date opportunities to spark summer lovin’. So grab your snapbacks and Birkenstocks and get ready to try out these ten summer date ideas.


Summer has arrived and Pride Season is upon us! Pride is a perfect date scene–there’s music and dancing, food trucks and lots of vendors to buy your girl a small souvenir from the day. The excitement and energy at Pride makes it feel like everyone is celebrating your romance with you. They’re literally throwing a parade for you. Depending on where you live, Pride can also be one of the only times and places you feel safe displaying PDA. You can hold her hand, kiss her cheek, and run your hands through her hair without fear of comments or harassment. Enjoy the freedom to shoot your shot and kiss the girl.

A Summer Picnic

One of my favorite date ideas is a picnic in the park. Take advantage of the beautiful weather by laying out your blanket on a patch of grass at a local park. I’m not an excellent cook, but I can impress a woman with my taste in cheese and crackers, and that’s all you need for your aesthetic instagram shots of the day. For those of you more savvy in the kitchen, here are some delicious and easy picnic recipes. Pro-tip: plop your blanket near a playground and you can relive your childhood by going down slides and swinging on swings.

The Drive-In

A summer spin on the classic movie date is to take it outside! Drive-ins are a great chance to watch classic films with classic love stories. Whisper “ways to make it gay” in her ear to share an inside joke and get creative together. Clearly, Jack from Titanic was a male-passing butch, and no one can convince me otherwise. My own local drive-in always has two showings to choose from, offering a little variety in selection.

Photo by Katie Yieland

Womyn’s Festivals

For long-term lesbian lovers, a long weekend at a womyn’s festival is a perfect way to celebrate your relationship. I just came back from my first womyn’s festival, and not only did I feel a deep connection to my own history and culture there, but I also noted all the times I could have enjoyed a tender moment: sitting on the dock with our feet in the water, an arm around her waist standing next to the fire, playing footsie under the table, or playing cards late into evening with the women who built those spaces for us. What better way to spend a weekend than living your lesbian legacy with your lady?

The next festival on my list is National Women’s Music Festival in July!

Farmer’s Markets

Nothing screams lesbian more than a date to the farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are lesbian culture! Imagine holding hands, walking through the crowds, and picking produce together to make dinner with later. (Or in my case, provide unending moral support as my girl cooks for me.) It’s a perfect Saturday morning date with an excuse to extend things into the evening if you’re feeling ready to call a Uhaul.

My own farmer’s market is blocks from my house. I take my own girl to pick out fruit, then people watch from the hammock on my porch as locals make their way to and from the market.

A Winery

For all you dykes of drinking age, a tasting at a winery is a perfect, classy summertime date. The winery near me has a porch to enjoy your wine outside, and live music to set the mood. If you really want to impress her, try going on your own for your first trip. Learn a little about where the wines come from, which wines are customer favorites, and about good pairings. Then you can flex your newfound knowledge on that first date. A tasting is often a cheap way to create a high-class experience that lets both of you live your best lives regardless of your bank statement.

Berry Picking

Berry picking is another great way to enjoy the summer weather. Whether you head to a farm or trail, you’ll have fun plopping berries in each other’s mouths and filling your baskets for pie baking later. Different berries come ripe at different points in the summer, so schedule a follow-up date when the next berry season starts! Check out this guide to berry picking to schedule your own trip!

Road Trip to an Artist Colony

I live about a half hour from a small tourist town my friends and I describe as “aggressively quaint.” Every shop is local and there’s an active artist colony. Buy your butch that handcrafted pocket knife! Buy your femme that crystal necklace! And everyone can enjoy locally made ice cream and candy. Pro-Tip: Create a collaborative playlist for the drive to introduce each other to new music.

A Museum

A visit to a museum is an excellent first date or 100th date. There’s plenty to talk about, and learn together. Whatever your interest: art, history, science, animals… you’ll find something that speaks to you and offers you something to share together. The quiet atmosphere allows for easy conversation, and a museum trip can offer a full day of quality time. I have a long love affair with The Art Institute of Chicago. It has a wide variety of styles and mediums, and there’s something there for everyone.

photo via the LA Rabbit Foundation

An Animal Shelter

Are you a cat lesbian or a dog lesbian? Or a rabbit lesbian? Doesn’t matter! A visit to your local animal shelter is a great way to spend time with your lady. You can volunteer to walk dogs or socialize kittens. You can make a difference in the day of homeless pets and may even decide to take one home together! This date idea never gets old and makes for cute photo opportunities.



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