Mother’s Day Luxe – Spoiling the Woman who Spoiled You


Mother’s Day is only a few days away! But don’t worry. It’s not too late to spoil her rotten. And keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with pooling resources to get her one fab thing she’ll love instead of a bunch of little things that may be less up her alley.

And even if you can get something to her door by Sunday, there is nothing wrong with a “Coming Soon” card with a photo of the item. Better that than nothing. Trust me. Our moms did – and do – so much for us. She deserves one day of feeling like queen of the world. Here are some little luxuries to shower mom with this year to show her just how fantabulous you think she is.

These are so super cute and Vianel just introduced new color on May 2. So your mama will be far ahead of the curve. My faves are the little leather tray where she can drop her rings or keys or other tiny things that might get otherwise lost in the shuffle, and the cosmetic bag that can be used for make-up or jewelry or for simply organizing that handbag of hers in which she holds everything but can’t find anything.

Whether your mom is a big traveler, a stay at home snuggler, or simply a chilly everywhere she goes kind of gal, I’m guessing she will seriously adore the White & Warren cashmere travel wrap. The candy pink heather is all the rage right now. But there are a zillion other colors to choose from as well. If you really want to hit it out of the park this year, you cannot go wrong with cashmere.

graf  lantz make the chicest bags, lots of them incorporating felt and leather together in their designs. I don’t know a mom in the world who wouldn’t love the Frankie petite. The perfect little tote no matter what she’s toting or where she’s toting it to. Their Cecil petite is also a bag to live for. It looks cool. It will hold all of mom’s essentials. And it’s a crossbody so mom can be all hands-free all the time.

If you and your mom are super tight, you could always surprise her with a naughty gift that she’ll be surprised to get from her daughter but THRILLED to have in her nightstand, the Womanizer Duo. I know. I know. “Buy a vibrator for my mom? Have you lost your mind?” But it is national masturbation month. And, masturbation is about health and self-care. And our moms are always telling us to take care of ourselves… So, why not help mom to do the same?

And if you want to really go over the top, how about the Asli Classic Chain Link Multi Row Necklace? It’s basically four necklaces in one so she can get the layered look with just one piece. It’s pricey, no doubt. But it’s an heirloom piece for sure. And if you happen to have a handful of siblings, you can show her the love without having to shell out all of your cash.

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