Jordan Ladd plays a pregnant bisexual whose midwife is her ex-lover in “Grace”


The new film Grace, starring B-movie actress Jordan Ladd, sounds kind of disturbing. The feature, based on the six-minute film starring Brian Austin Green from writer/director Paul Solet, is being talked about as not quite a horror movie, but ultimately bizarre, gruesome and hard-to-watch.

According to MTV News, Ladd plays Madeline, a pregnant vegan, new-age woman who forgoes her mother-in-law’s insistence on traditional medicine/doctors to help her along her pregnancy. Instead, she goes with a midwife, Patricia (Samantha Ferris), who used to be her teacher — and “lesbian lover.”

Oh boy. Surely, her husband, Michael can’t be cool with that. But, judging from everything written about this film so far, he doesn’t stick around for long, if you know what I mean.

Caution: Possible spoilers ahead.

Evidently, there’s an accident (perhaps this is what happens to Michael? Just saying.) and Madeline’s baby is declared dead. But she insists on carrying her daughter to term, anyway, and delivers (with the help of her former teacher/girlfriend) a stillborn baby who is miraculously brought back to life when Madelina holds her. So, she is called Grace.

While this weird story sounds like the makings of a really touching, fantasy/miracle story, it quickly goes in the opposite direction, when Grace can’t drink breast milk — only blood. This baby is evil! But, we can’t be surprised. Remember what happened when Gage came back to life on Pet Cemetery? Creepy!

Check out the trailer if you’re still interested:

Not much is known yet about the extent of Madelina and Patricia’s relationship, other than the midwife is still interested in the pregnant woman she’s supposed to be caring for. Talk about awkward.

Grace opens at select theaters today. Sound like something you’d be interested in?