Switch Harnesses: A Side By Side Review


Switch Leather Company features two harness models, the Camryn and the Ramona. As the tagline states, they are “the harness we’ve always dreamed of.” True for founders Sid and Becca, and true for all of Lesbiandom. They are dreamy, beautiful, handmade in Portland, Oregon and sourced from American tannery Horween Leather. They offer three standard hip sizes in select retail locations, but since most local sex shops are gross and geared toward cheap novelties, you’re better off ordering online, where sizing is made to order.

My girlfriend and I, being of discerning tastes, invested in both, so I am presenting a side-by-side review.

Beth Olson Creative

The Ramona

Ramona Harness by Switch Leather Co.

The Ramona has a wide base which accommodates a flat-bottomed dildo. Not one with fake balls, mind you. Don’t repeat our sad mistake buying a hot pink dick with balls, because it was the only firm core soft silicone one in the shop, and finding it won’t fit in the harness.

The brass center ring holds a toy in place up to two inches in diameter. D-rings at each adjustment point allow for the perfect fit that doesn’t slip or stretch no matter how athletic the scenario gets. It’s adjustable on the hips and the contact with the hips where the straps go around your thighs. “I just have so much control, especially compared to the RodeoH-style harness,” my girlfriend says of her favorite harness. “Every movement that I make, my partner can feel it. It’s totally in sync.”

(Can you tell it’s her favorite?)

Another advantage of the full leather base and wide strap is the stimulation against the clit which has, when positioned just right, the potential to be orgasmic for the wearer.

This is the perfect harness to use with a super small bullet or flat vibe. The Eva II by Dame Labs is a good fit for this purpose. The flat base keeps the vibe from moving once you’ve situated it against your clit.

The Camryn

Camryn Harness by Switch Leather Co.

The Camryn is the most aesthetically exquisite harness I’ve ever seen. Minimalist but luxurious.

A wide band is slung low across the hips and thinner bands go from the ring to secure the harness against the thighs. Pulled tight, it presses against soft flesh.

This harness solves the problem of that awkward moment while you wait for her to slip into her equipment. She can be wearing the harness from the start, because no part of the brass rings or leather gets in the way of her pussy or inner upper thigh. Tugging on the thick leather straps around her hips, nibbling her thighs, breathing in the familiar, delicious smell of your lover mingled with the smell of rich leather right before you eat that pussy like it’s breakfast is such an amazing turn on.

Switches and service bottoms rejoice for the Camryn. Because the straps are minimal and separated, you can reach her vulva while she’s fucking you, finger her while you suck her dildo, or use a double-ended dildo.

(Can you tell it’s my favorite?)

Beth Olson Creative

If you’re the kind of top who feels that your strap becomes an extension of your body, the Switch harnesses really reinforce this fantasy. Both offer superior control, especially to other harness manufacturers, however the Ramona definitely surpasses the Camryn because the straps don’t budge and the dildo doesn’t slip against the base.

The leather starts out stiff like a new belt, but over time softens up quite a bit. Saddle soap helps with any lube or pussy juice that may get stuck on the straps and to keep the leather supple enough to yank through the D rings in a flourish of toppery. Leather conditioner will also help to maintain the harness even after years of slipping it on and off.

Need some tips for strapping up? Check out this Lesbianing with AE.

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