A Dating Site That Helps Lesbians Find Femmes


We know first-hand how hard it is to find love, especially when you’re a femme lesbian.

As feminine lesbians, it’s hard to get recognized, and believed, as being gay. We suffer from Femme Invisibility and the heteronormativity. Gaydar lets us down and everyone assumes that you’re straight, or even worse for us, they think we’re sisters! My wife and I conquered long distance between Hawaii and the UK, and we have been together for 10 years in October. We know the #struggle of dating and we ended up magically meeting due to MySpace – some may call it fate or destiny.

Whitney moved to join me in the UK in 2012, and we had our Civil Partnership in 2012 and upgraded to marriage in Palm Springs in 2017, on our anniversary. We are also known as Youtuber and blogger duo ‘Wegan’, and we put our lives online as a couple to fill the gap of lesbian role models and to show that you can be feminine and a lesbian.

Over the years, we would get a lot of questions from our followers asking us how can they meet a femme. We never had an answer, but thanks to the internet we have our own happy ending, so we really wanted to help others find theirs.

Thus, in 2015 we created a dating website Find Femmes, for feminine identified lesbian and bisexual women (and the women who are seeking them). Three years later, we have 1000’s of members and continue to grow daily. It’s amazing that we’ve managed to create this online community, something that was very much lacking when we were younger.

Through Find Femmes we aim to provide that community for lesbian and bisexual women; whether users identify as femme themselves and looking for other femmes, or to introduce women of any identity to femmes (butches, don’t be shy). We like to see it as a place where women can finally meet, seek and be found.

Find Femmes is currently available in the UK and USA, and following a few successful parties in the UK, we have plans to expand the community feel with more events in both countries! Follow our Instagram @findfemmes to keep up.

Join www.findfemmes.com for free and to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, AfterElllen readers can upgrade with code: WEGAN20.

FIND FEMMES is powered by White Label Dating; a platform that allows brands and individuals to power their own fully branded online dating sites with no set-up costs.

Where to Find Wegan: 

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