‘Escapement’ is a new work of lesbian fiction with a sexy book trailer


Lesbian fiction can be hard to come by, so I was excited to receive news of this new title by author Kristen Wolf. What first struck me is Escapement has its very own video trailer, similar to a movie trailer, which is something I’ve never come across in the literary world. And I love it. Is this the next big thing in books? It should be. Before you watch, here’s what this work is all about:

Set in the turbulent Romantic era, ESCAPEMENT is a lush and passionate tale spun by Henri, the androgynous housekeeper of an up-and-coming composer who takes pleasure in dressing as a man. While covertly lending assistance to her employer’s creative efforts, she falls in love with the alluring wife of his most significant patron—putting all their lives at risk—and forcing Henri to choose between duty and the desires of her own heart. What will be her choice?  

So the ultimate question is, will she choose lesbian love in a time when it was forbidden? Sure, this isn’t the first work of fiction to touch on the forbidden lesbian love theme, but it doesn’t make it any less relevant. It’s a significant part of lesbian history, after all. Here’s the trailer.

Pretty cool, huh? The novel, which won the 2018 IndieReader Discovery Award, is available on Amazon. And just for AfterEllen readers, the author herself sent us the below excerpt, so you can get a juicy preview.


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