We’re celebrating Amazon Prime Day by making a femme starter kit


Most femmes don’t need an excuse to shop. Keep your whining about stereotypes to yourself. The proof is in the pudding, girls, and we do love to shop. It’s the hunt and kill that most of us long for, which is what makes Amazon Prime Day so much damn fun. You can shop in your yoga pants from the comfort of your couch and score big in the bargain department. And if you’re looking for some help on what to buy, we’ve got you covered with this can’t miss femme list.

The Femme Starter Kit (AKA cool deals we found on Amazon Prime that we think every femme will appreciate)

Makeup wipes

Keep these babies in your bathroom, on your nightstand, in your handbag. Nothing is sadder than make-up under your eyes. Maybe you slept over and need to wash up  the morning, maybe you’re out late and all the dancing has worked up a make up relocating sweat, or maybe you want to roll over quietly after that one night stand. She’ll never know you didn’t wake up like this…

Lip stuff

Soft lips are femme 101. Sometimes you want a little color. Sometimes you just want a little moisture. What you don’t want is to be caught with dry lips when she finally leans in. Keep one in every drawer and handbag. Because you never know.


Every good femme knows how to take care of herself and to help her partner take care of her. Old school is great. But there’s nothing wrong with a little technology and the womanizer never ever  gets tired and even if you’ve gone a few rounds, this baby will get you past the “I’m not sure I can get there again.”


If your girl’s got some ego wrapped up in being able to get you “ready,” it’s time to assure her that no one will take her lesbian card away if a little lube is introduced. No need to hurt yourself. You can never be too rich or too wet.

Poo – Pourri

Yes, I know, femmes poop too. But no one needs to know that. Pack this stuff. Stow it in your bathroom. Keep it in your handbag. Don’t be caught unawares. It doesn’t hurt to still keep a few things sacred.


Let’s say you hook up. Let’s say all you’re taking out is a handbag. Let’s say you’d prefer to minimize the walk of shame. A little mumu you can roll up and tuck in your bag means you can look fresh and adorable in a snap. And face it, we femmes pride ourselves on looking fresh and adorable.

Travel wrap

There’s no fighting it, super cute outfits often mean exposed legs and shoulders. That’s all well and good until dinner goes in to multiple courses, the movie starts, or the flight takes off. This wrap is cozy and chic and goes with anything. And, yes, it comes in a zillion colors.


I’ve never met a femme who didn’t like to be smooth as a baby’s bottom everywhere including her bottom. There are lots of razors out there. But don’t underestimate the power of multiple blades, a moisture strip, and a no-slip handle.


Every femme needs kick-ass flats and to live for wedges. Tory Burch has got both of these looks in the bag. And whichever one you’re wearing, it doesn’t hurt to throw the other in your tote. A femme is always ready.



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