REYNA Drops a New Single and Opens for Kesha


Fresh off the release of their 80s-inspired synth-pop track ‘Cool With It’ earlier this year, Milwaukee-by-way-of-Texas sister-duo REYNA (Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela) are back with a new single ‘Baby Forget It’.

Of the duo, Victoriah is an out lesbian. This influence on REYNA’s tracks got them a nod on Billboard’s  “12 Musicians To Discover During LGBTQ Pride Month.”

In a special 4th of July performance, REYNA opens for Kesha at Summerfest. Fans of Rainbow are in for a treat, as Drew Pearson, who co-wrote (with Kesha and Wrabel) “Woman” from last summer’s top-of-the-charts album, helped produce and develop REYNA’s sound.

You might hear synth-driven, dream pop influences in common with other les/bi faves SUMif and Pronouns.

Of this new single, Vic says, “The song is about a former love who kept something of mine after a dramatic breakup. I wasn’t the best version of myself in this relationship and I can admit that I really messed up. That’s why I was so surprised when I saw that she would wear my jacket, I was like hmm maybe it wasn’t so bad, maybe every time she puts the jacket on she thinks about the good times instead of the bad. This song is for everyone who has had their heart broken then somehow muster the courage to put their hearts out there again. It’s learning from those sour episodes in your life and making them part of who you are like a scar you’re proud of.”

“I’ve never been so nervous to release a song as I was when we were about to release ‘Baby Forget It ‘because I knew my ex would know it was about her. She ended up keeping my jean jacket after we broke up and five years later still wears it out. I think it’s the most straightforward song we have ever written and I’ve always loved songs that are more like a story. To add to the story, I ran into one of our mutual friends and she told me that my ex loved the song and that she was okay with it and still wears the jacket!  Which made me feel less guilty about the song and kinda gave this whole jacket situation closure for me. Maybe it’s just a really good jacket you know?”

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