Lez Dish It Out! The AfterEllen Les/Bi News Round-Up


Happy Pride Month, ladies! I hope you had a wonderful June spent celebrating who you are and who you love, regardless of whether you feel comfortable at your local Pride events or not. It’s not for everyone, but this happy little corner of the internet is! We have lots of lesbian and bi lady news to cover this month like Ellen’s new tour and some seriously smoking naked soccer stars, so lez not waste anymore time and get right to it!


Amandla Stenberg is officially an out and proud lesbian.

A couple years ago, 19-year-old actress Amandla Stenberg told Teen Vogue she was bisexual. Last week, Amandla came out again to singer and songwriter King Princess with the announcement that she’s not bisexual, but has realized she’s a lesbian. The interview is full of lots of fabulously fierce content, but here’s the official statement she made about coming to terms with her sexuality:

I was so overcome with this profound sense of relief when I realized that I’m gay ― not bi, not pan, but gay ― with a romantic love for women.

Whether lesbian or bisexual, AE readers, we’re in your corner and so proud of you for living your truth!

Janelle Monáe brings the Pride and the black girl magic.

Behold the sexiest android alive and all her rainbow glory. Janelle Monáe has come out and she is as proud as ever. Check out her showstopping gown at the BET awards and just try to get her out of your dreams.


The statements didn’t just end on the red carpet, because she rocked the stage too. I’d live in her palace any day. Watch the performance here.

Wrapping up Janelle news for the month, I couldn’t move on without sharing the cover shoot and interview she recently did for Allure magazine. When talking about the state of the country as a result of the election of Donald Trump, she said:

You strip away the makeup, the costumes, and everything you know about Janelle Monáe the artist, and I’m still the African-American, queer woman who grew up with poor, working-class parents. When I walk off a stage, I have to deal with these confrontations. I have to deal with being afraid for my family.

Visit Allure to read the entire interview and see the stunning photos spread.

Justice Kennedy has retired and our rights are in jeopardy.

Speaking of Donald Trump, we have one piece of tragic, yet vital information that can’t be ignored, because it’s going to have a potentially earth-shattering effect on the fabric of society for decades to come. AE writer Susan SurfTone writes about the impact of Anthony Kennedy’s retirement and Trump’s subsequent pick on our community,

Marriage equality was such an enormous step forward in our inalienable rights to wed the ones we love, and we assumed we’d never be in danger of losing that right once it was granted to us. But now, we could be in real jeopardy, not to mention the endangerment of abortion rights. Now is the time to stand up and taller than we ever have. Resist.

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