Marc Jacobs puts a lesbian couple on a T-shirt


I didn’t think Marc Jacobs could get any cooler, until he used a male model for his men and women’s fall line last year. While the out fashion designer is not necessarily a rarity, Jacobs continuously pushes the envelope, blurs boundaries, and any other cliche you could come up with to describe the fact that this guy is just awesome.

Marc Jacobs with partner Lorenzo Martone

Most recently, he’s released a line of pro-gay marriage T-shirts on his Marc by Marc Jacobs line (you know, where regular people could actually shop).

The shirts come in two options: One with dollar signs and the American flag and one with a gay lady couple. Both say “I pay my taxes and I want my rights.” Damn right!

The shirt with the lesbians on it also includes a baby (talk about cliches, right?). The funny part is that the cartoon, screen-printed lesbians are wearing what Elle UK refers to as “matching LBDs.”

Of course, they’re talking about the little black dresses, but, you know, the irony: lesbians, matching, babies, and LBD, of course. But Jacobs, who’s engaged to his advertising exec partner Lorenzo Martone, couldn’t possibly have intended the LBD known as Lesbian Bed Death. Right?

Also, this isn’t the first time the designer has used his fashion talent for a cause. He also released T-shirts with naked celebs for skin cancer awareness, and this picture of Love magazine with queer covermodel Beth Ditto.

What do you think of Jacobs’ gay marriage shirts? Would you buy one for $24?

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