5 Free Skin Care Tips to Get You Ready for Pride


Gay women care about our skin as much as straight women do, but we don’t tend to focus as much on the topic (hey, we’ve had other stuff going on, like the long fight for marriage equality) even though we all want clear, healthy skin. Plus, we don’t really want to spend our hard-earned dollars on products that may or may not be owned by companies who don’t support us. That all being said, we know you all want to look fresh for Pride season, so we decided to put together a few simple skin care tips that you can start following right now without spending a single cent. Save your money for L Word trivia night. 

1. Change your pillowcase weekly.

When you sleep, your gross ass body oozes sweat and oil all up on your pillow and sheets. So even after cleansing that beautiful visage at night, if you don’t change your pillowcase your face will still get dirty and jacked up while you are sleeping. IT’S ALIVE. Do your laundry.

2. Drink so much water.


You skin sheds and renews in a regular cycle, like a snake. Water is IMPERATIVE in moving smoothly from skin cycle to skin cycle. If you’re having skin issues, remember that drinking eight glasses of water a day will visibly help your skin heal. WATER WATER WATER WATER.

3. Wash before taking your bra off.


When you get home after a long day at work or school or unemployment lines, make a beeline to the bathroom and wash your face. The first thing I want to do when I get home is take off my bra and pants, so making face washing a requirement for bra-ditching is excellent motivation. Even if you don’t wear makeup (but especially if you wear makeup) the sooner today’s grime gets scraped off that epidermis, the better your skin will feel. Afterward, moisturize! Save the harsher skin treatments for before bed, and use these hours to give your skin (and yourself) a little breather.

4. Stop touching your face.

I am the worst about this. My hands naturally just fly to my cheeks like really stupid birds flying into a sliding door. Touching your face transfers bacteria/gunk to your face and is responsible for mad breakouts amongst us all. If you too are an absentminded face prodder, constant vigilance is required. Be mindful of your damn hands.

5. Use speakerphone.

You know that little trail of pimples forming around half circle on one of your cheeks? That’s from your goddamn cell phone, which is filthy. Like crazy filthy. You don’t even want to know how filthy cell phones are. Put it on speakerphone and raise those cheeks far away from the toxic touch of germy demon electronics.

Now that you’ve read this list, be about this list. See you at Pride! 

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