“Camp Wanatachi” sets lesbian young love to music


When you’re 13 and your main social activity is church, your most intense crushes are on kids in your Youth Group. Especially if you happen to be a baby dyke, not quite sure what to do about those tingles you get when your BFF sleeps over. Looking back on my own teen years, I realize that most of my intensely spiritual experiences had more to do with hormones than the Holy Ghost.

Now those feelings are coming to stage, thanks to Natalie Weiss, who leads the experimental performance project Unicornicopia.

Weiss’ new play, Camp Wanatachi, is a musical comedy about two 13-year-old girls who fall in love at a Christian summer camp. (Thanks to AfterEllen.com reader Tina for the tip!)

The musical is a feature of this year’s New York International Fringe Festival 2009, August 15 – August 29, and is produced by Ian Pai (Blue Man Group) and Bridget Regan (Legend of the Seeker).

Camp Wanatachi (great name, btw) is a different kind of church camp, to be sure. The music is hot and the counselors are cool. And everything I’ve seen so far is very, very funny. Here’s a video of highlights from the musical. The sound quality is not great, so you might have to watch it more than once to get it all. I don’t think you’ll mind.

If you happen to be in NYC this week, check out the Camp Wanatachi Dance Party benefit at Glasslands in Brooklyn, complete with s’mores, friendship bracelets and hair wraps. All the cast will be there to perform scenes and songs from the play.

You can keep up with other camp happenings on the Camp Wanatachi Facebook page. Does this story bring back horny happy memories of your youth? If you live near NYC, will you see Camp Wanatachi? If you do, be sure to let us know what you think.

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