Samantha Ronson creates a line of sneakers for Supra


The pairing of young, flashy and gossip-worthy celebrity Lindsay Lohan with out lesbian DJ Samantha Ronson was a turning point in lesbian culture for multiple reasons including, visibility, acceptance, popularity and, of course, fashion.

The image of the gay girl has gone from frumpy to fabulous as dyke clothing becomes recognized as a style to adopt. As anyone who has been a Tegan and Sara fan from the beginning knows, the line between dyke hipster fashion and straight girl hipster fashion has always been dubiously thin.

But now celesbians like Ronson not only rock the clothes but are a walking statement of out lesbian style.

This new image of the lesbian has spawned clothing lines from A Shot at Love’s popular runner up Dani Campbell, which she initially called Futch, a direct reference to both her style and her gender presentation, although it has morphed into the equally gay referencing Pink Boy Blue Girl. There is also Dykes in the City, a Chicago based resource that caters to the queer girl.

But for many women (and men) of all orientations, the clothing item with the most intense pull — a backstory that encompasses finding both true love and riches and carries the baggage of a the immense greed of a Phillipinne dictator’s wife — covers both one of the most coveted and reviled body parts of all time: The shoe. And for the first time since Birkenstocks were popular hippie accoutrements, lesbians are fronting foot fashion.

The sneaker has gone from practical active footwear to intricate statements of leather, rubber, and canvas. Nearly two years ago Ronson took to MySpace TV to show off her extensive Skytop shoe collection and now she has finally crafted her own sneak for Supra, called the Indy.

The Samantha Ronson model is distressed black and gold. Far from the hot pink and brightly colored sneaks usually associated with Ronson’s personal style these kicks have bring a much more muted backdrop, with just a strip of flashy gold, a laid back yet attention-grabbing combo that any sneaker-loving lesbian can rock.

However, you’ll pay a pretty penny for the privilege, as putting Ronson on your feet will set you back $148.

And if you’re still more of a Tegan and Sara kinda girl, their line with Macbeth is back as well.

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