The Weekly Geek: Marvel Divas and “Magdalena”


Geeks, how do we feel about a comic book series aimed squarely at women? A series that combines super heroics with Sex and the City-style girl talk and relationship antics? Patronizing or totally awesome?

Well, it’s happening. Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the four main characters look like spandex-clad ass-kickers of the first order. We’ve got Photon, Firestar, Black Cat and Hellcat, all ladies living dual lives as super-powered do-gooders and “regular” modern women.

Before you judge, check out this quote from Aguirre-Sacasa, as reported at The Geek Files:

The pitch started as Sex and the City in the Marvel Universe, and there’s definitely that “naughty” element to it, but I also think the series is doing to a deeper place, asking questions about what it means — truly means — to be a woman in an industry dominated by testosterone and guns. (And I mean both the super hero industry and the comic book industry.) But mostly it’s just a lot of hot fun.

So, I ask again, is this a great idea or a totally condescending attempt to cash in? The whole thing does reek of trendiness — the “four ladies talking about sex” concept has never been hotter, thanks to last year’s blockbuster hit. Nor have comic books (and movies based on comic characters) ever been more “mainstream” — it’s the perfect time to target the female market.

And we all know what happens with misguided attempts to go after female dollars — lame storylines and stereotypes, anyone?

And yet, I must say that I’m intrigued. I’ve gone on about how much I admire female superheroes, and getting a series that focuses exclusively on them sounds appealing. It’s a female-centric view of a traditionally very male-dominated world, and I can’t say that the idea of sexy, powerful ladies taking center stage isn’t completely exciting to me.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, hey, it’s Comic-Con time! I stumbled upon the news that Magdalena — a comic about sexy, demon-battling nuns — is on its way to the big screen. The picture is under the wing of producer Gale Anne Hurd (who produced Aliens, Terminator 2 and both 2000s Hulk films, among many others), with Holly Brix (The Butterfly Effect 3) writing and Jenna Dewan (The Grudge 2 and Step Up) signed on to star.

It looks edgy, fun, and female-oriented, so lets hope it doesn’t get saddled with any woes and turns out sufficiently awesome.

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