Get to Know the AE Writers: Lindsey Danis


Are you curious about who the AfterEllen writers are? In the spirit of  getting to know us a little better, we at AE have been sharing our series “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Me,” in which we share – well, 15 things about ourselves. Lindsey Danis is our resident lesbian relationship and sexpert columnist, answering all of your burning questions about love, sex, relationships, dating, hooking up, exes and the rest of it in her column Lesbianing with AE!  Have a question for her? Email it to our editor ([email protected]) with “Q for Lindsey” in the subject line and she will answer your question in a future post. And don’t be shy…we won’t share your identity!

Lindsey knows so much about all of you, but what do you know about her? Well, here are 15 things, for starters.

1. I can’t do anything in the morning without coffee. 

2. I used to be a pastry chef, but then the recession happened and no one was hiring. My last real cooking job was at a vegan donut factory in a so-called bad neighborhood in Oakland. We would joke that if anyone tried to rob us we would use the machetes on the wall left by folks who ran the Chinese restaurant that used to occupy the space.

3. I once won a free trip to Germany by entering one of those contests on a bar coaster. 

4. Throughout my 20s I tried every possible way to make a living so I could be a writer that I could stand – and nothing ever worked out, because I wasn’t a great employee. I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing. Only when I realized I wasn’t willing to compromise on my passions and threw myself into making freelancing work did I gain freedom, flexibility and time to work on my creative writing. 

5. My latest hobby is kayaking – easy to do when the Hudson River is 5 minutes away. 

6.  I’m a big believer in doing what you love. Life is really too short to not go after your heart, and I see too many people holding themselves back because they’re afraid to take a risk and fail. 

7. I eat ice cream almost every day. 

8. I live in an 1830’s farmhouse with my wife, two dogs, and one rabbit. 

9. I’ve got wanderlust… This meant a lot of big moves and long road trips – including three cross-country drives. There’s still about 10 states I haven’t seen so there’s probably one more road trip in my future. 

10. I started doing all my own haircuts a couple years ago. It’s ridiculously hard to find a hairdresser who can do queer cuts, so finally after one soccer mom ‘do too many I plunked down on a barber kit and got experimenting. One of the best decisions I ever made. 

11. I like to find the gay bars when I travel. It was fascinating to see the Paris dyke bar where the women looked super put-together and the guys looked schlubby. 

12. I’m pop culture clueless. Name an epic thing you love and I’ve probably never seen/read it.

13. I wrote a novel about a bi teen activist (hit me up if you want to publish it), and various short stories and essays, which you can find via my website

14. My childhood role model was Elouise. 

15. I got to judge the animal costume content at the Dutchess County Fair. Animals in cute costumes, what could be better? 

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