“If These Ovaries Could Talk” is the Podcast Lesbian Moms Need


Jaimie is “so gay” and “so pregnant” with her wife Anne, and they also have a precious 3-year-old daughter. Robin and Mary have two kids, 8 and 6, the second of which they traveled to Columbia to conceive. Robin is a gifted writer and actress. They’re both moms, and they’ve started the podcast we never knew we needed the most.

Jaimie decided to start this podcast after listening to scores of fertility stories from straight couples and realizing that the issues that plagued her struggles with fertility just weren’t the same ones heterosexual couples faced. There were no stories out there to make her feel less alone, or to learn from and laugh along with, so she sought to create that resource and sense of community she couldn’t find for herself.

“If These Ovaries Could Talk” launched on January 15th with weekly episodes hitting the deck every Monday. The hosts of the show spend the first two episodes telling their own stories. Jaimie and her wife Anne kick things off, establishing a tone that strikes a balance between heart and hilarity. Jaimie quips about her pregnancy brain (lovingly coined as ‘placenta head’) as Anne recalls the details of their journey, and they both take us through the struggles the couple faced in their attempts to conceive their second child after a fairly smooth fertility experience with their first, carried by Anne, who was 40 at the time. When Jaimie, the younger of the two, decided it was her turn to carry using the same donor, the couple ran into some unexpected roadblocks.

“If These Ovaries Could Talk” hosts Robin and Jaimie. Image via Twitter

Their story, even with the expensive bumps they faced along the way, is still one with a happy ending, so listeners needn’t worry about getting their hearts broken. I personally have explored the community of commiseration that can form when groups of lesbian women get together to discuss their fertility pitfalls, and it’s not a walk in the park. On this podcast, the hosts do a phenomenal job of keeping the narratives upbeat even during the somber moments.

“If These Ovaries Could Talk” has quickly proven throughout its first month that is has something important to say that we aren’t hearing anywhere else. If the fertility journey isn’t your jam, fear not, because those aren’t the only stories being told every week. Jaimie and Robin are also chatting with the children of lesbian parents.

Notably, the February 18th episode features a conversation with Zach Wahls, the son of two moms who is running for a seat in the Iowa state Senate this year. You might remember him as the college student who spoke out to the Iowa House of Representatives about the effort that was made to reverse the state’s decision to pass marriage equality.

Jaimie and Robin talk with Zach about what it was like growing up in Iowa and being born in a town that refused to put his birth announcement in its newspaper because he was an “illegitimate” child. They discuss the future of our democracy as the ultra-conservative right-wing groups have penetrated every corner of politics over the last several years. It’s refreshing to hear these women come off as a bit jaded in the midst of the Trump era, but with a spark of hope for the direction we could be headed if more powerhouse lesbians and their children keep speaking out and getting involved.

In this digital age, it’s more important now than ever for lesbian women to get their voices heard in every medium. Podcasts are growing in influence every day, and the scores of recommendations on iTunes are cluttered with shows led by straight men. “If These Ovaries Could Talk” is bringing a whole new world to us through a podcast, and it’s vital that we help it gain traction.

Lesbian (and bisexual!) women, particularly those who are parents, have to work doubly hard to connect with one another. Trust me, I know, I’ve tried, and the closest I’ve come is stumbling across a Facebook group that wears me out more than anything. This podcast is bold, refreshing, and relevant to so many of us, as it brings this community of strong women together. You can subscribe on iTunes or listen to the episodes right from the website here.

Have you listened to “If These Ovaries Could Talk”? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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