“Guiding Light” 7/17 mini-cap: NOtalia


Natalia is still locked away somewhere in the hills of Springfield in Catholic cleansing and contemplation. Olivia continues her experiment in melodramatic masochism by attending the blissful wedding of Bill and Lizzie where even the old people are kissing and forest animals are “twitterpated.” One bright note, Doris seems to have yet another new jacket.

Rafe accuses Olivia of intending to break up yet another wedding. Since she has Biblical knowledge of the groom, perhaps the bride is the next obvious testimonial. Perhaps Rafe’s disrespect is displacement anxiety that BLANK is moving in on RANK.

As a sign of character growth, Liv asks Philip to take care of Emma. She can’t bear one more minute of this euphoric display of love’s commitment publicly proclaimed. Olivia takes one last gander as she heads for her next Goose.

Olivia snaps at Emma over the fact she needs lunch for camp. Olivia realizes it’s not the lunch she is lamenting and apologizes to Emma. Emma tells her mom that she misses Natalia, too.

Liv picks up the one and only picture of Otalia and clutches it against her chest. If GL needs another snapshot representation, I would be happy to provide a screen cap. I have several finger fornication photo opportunities I would gladly give up.

As Olivia’s soul shatters the phone rings. Guess there always more spirit to splinter as Josh informs Olivia that Jeffery has been killed in a small plane crash. Yet another piece of her heart taken by a loved one. There is no script for informing your daughter her father is dead.

Dinah and Olivia run into each other while walking in a summer shower. Rain is the appropriate camouflage for battles of the heart. Dinah asks about Ava. Olivia hasn’t told her yet; it’s hard to handle bad news when you are alone.

Jeffery’s friends gather at Company to toast the fragility of life. Olivia withdraws to the farmhouse to call Ava. The farmhouse? Really, Liv? Why not just bamboo under the fingernails? Not lost on me or most is the open bottle of wine and no glass.

Liv is drinking commando.

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