The Best Celesbian Moments of 2017


As we pop those bottles and strap on our most sparkly swag, we can’t help but take a look back on what will probably be seen as a pivotal year in LGBT history. In response to Donald Trump’s election, more women than ever stepped out, stood up, came out, and made a stance for our future.

Let’s celebrate the close of 2017 by remembering 10 of the best gay girl moments of the year.

Battle of the Sexes Celebrated Billie Jean King’s Triumph, and Sexuality

The release of the film Battle of the Sexes  brought some much needed exposure to the legendary tennis star and not only her historical win and battle for gender equality, but also her struggle with being a closeted lesbian during the height of her tennis career. The movie doesn’t shy away from the exploration of Billie’s relationship with Marilyn Barnett.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 09: Emma Stone and Billie Jean King pose during a press conference for the upcoming film “Battle of the Sexes” on Day Thirteen of the 2017 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 9, 2017 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

In an interview with AARP Bulletin, Billie Jean King discusses how the Battle of the Sexes match changed America, her passion for promoting equality and her daily inspiration.

On Gender Equality

“Girls are taught to be perfect. Boys are taught to be brave—“Stop crying.” That’s why girls never think they are good enough; it’s the message we get from the day we’re born. It drives me insane the way we’re socialized. The most important thing is to be your authentic self. Meritocracy is important. That’s one great thing about sports—it is objective. You either win or lose.”

On Beating Bobby Riggs

“The reason I beat him is because I respected him so much. Everybody in the world thought a guy—any guy—could beat any girl. That got me irritated. When I played Bobby, this is what I wanted out of it: I wanted everyone to come together. I wanted to start changing the hearts and minds of people.”

King also talks with AARP about her lifetime passion for racial equality, Bruce Jenner in the 1970’s (Caitlyn Jenner), how her game is holding up today, and what inspires her. You can read the full interview in the September issue of AARP Bulletin.

Also take a look at this exclusive clip from earlier this year.

Wonder Woman Dominated Our Hearts and the Box Office

Wonder Woman has already made a lasting impact on Hollywood, but now it’s name will officially go down in superhero-movie history. The movie has surpassed the original Spider-Man as the highest-grossing superhero origin story ever. The Patty Jenkins-directed blockbuster film has grossed $821.749 million worldwide, pushing it past the $821.708 million record set by Spider-Man. This comes as no to surprise to us, of course.

AE writer Karen Frost reported earlier this year that people are craving more female superheroes (superheroines) on the big screen, as evidenced by the success of Atomic Blonde. And we are bold enough to say as well, the world is specifically ready for more lesbian superheroes – beyond just subtext, also as evidenced by the success of Atomic Blonde.

“Although it’s not really expressed in the “Wonder Woman” movie (aside from an evidently ad-libbed comment by Wonder Woman that men are unnecessary for sexual pleasure on Themyscira), the Wonder Woman comics are gay as heck and Themyscira is basically a lesbian paradise.”  – Karen Frost

In other Wonder Woman news, Gal Gadot gave Warner Brothers the ultimate ultimatum when she refused to to do another film in the franchise unless Brett Ratner was left completely off the project. Now the actress has confirmed that Ratner has been dropped from the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel following several sexual misconduct allegations against him.

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