Lindsay Lohan’s “Labor Pains” start up this weekend


Lindsay Lohan‘s fake-baby movie, Labor Pains, may not be the comeback LiLo fans were hoping for, but that doesn’t mean you need huddle in the corner, clutching your Mean Girls DVD and whispering “stop trying to make fetch happen” over and over. In honor of the Labor Pain‘s premiere this Sunday (July 19) on ABC Family, we’ve made a list of reasons “direct-to-TV” doesn’t mean Lohan’s star has fallen from the sky.

1) ABC Family is good layover on your way to DVD.

A direct-to-DVD movie is like a stray dog: it shows up unannounced, and even if the packaging is cute there’s a pretty good chance you’re not going to take it home. Labor Pains is escaping that fate by stopping over at ABC Family, where it has gotten loads of publicity.

2) Most of the promos for Labor Pains aired during Potter-mania.

Is there a better time to get word out about your movie than during back-to-back replays of Harry Potter? It is, after all, the most successful film franchise of all time; and it was, after all, the weekend before the most highly-anticipated movie of the summer. Millions of Potter fans flocked to ABC Family this weekend, and all of them saw at least a dozen promos for Labor Pains.

3) ABC Family knows a thing or two about teenage pregnancy.

Here’s an unfrequented statistical nugget for you: Last season’s finale of ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager drew in 4.5 million viewers, twice the amount of viewers for Gossip Girl‘s season finale. In fact, Secret Life out-ranks Gossip Girl in ratings every single week the shows go up against one another. ABC Family knows how to draw in women viewers ages 12 – 34.

4) Labor Pains barely skirted theatrical release.

It had more to do with changing production companies mid-movie than it did with the value of the film. Reviews have been generally positive.

5) Lohan is already working on another project.

Contrary to the popular opinion that a straight-to-TV movie is stardom’s death kiss, many successful actors have seen their films fall apart in the distribution process. Besides, Lohan’s indie comedy, The Other Side, is already in pre-production. She’ll be co-starring with Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi and Alanis Morissette.

We still believe in the power of the Lohan.

Will you be watching Labor Pains on ABC Family this weekend?

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