AfterEllen’s 2017 Gift Guide for the Gay Girl


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Happy holidays to all of you lady loving women out there! We know it’s getting to be crunch time in the season of gift giving, and we gay ladies might be known for being overachievers. But let’s face it, women can be hard to buy far. So this year AfterEllen is here to make your shopping just a little bit easier just in time for the hustle and bustle of the holidays. As always, we strongly encourage you to support lesbian and bi female-owned business whenever possible, as well as business that support the rights of our community. Lez get started!

For the Sex Kitten

The truth is, we all have a little bit of meow in us, don’t we? A gift you choose for someone you love is meant to show them that love, to create a stronger sense of intimacy. So what better than some feisty fun for the girl who likes to get a little bit freaky?

The Union by Wet for Her

The Union is a Wet for Her best-seller, and it’s amazing if you and your partner are both into penetration and don’t like the hassle of a strap-on. Plus, we love this company because the toys are created by women for women, and they offer an array of lesbian sex toys made from 100% silicone. French entrepreneur Alice Derock, the mastermind behind Wet For Her, is breaking the sex toy stigma as only a French woman can. Check out their complete line of toys HERE.

Marlies Dekkers Lingerie

With all of this talk of toys and getting “wet for her,” it feels right to have a little chat about lingerie. Some of us love it, some of us don’t. This crazy cool thing about slipping into something sexy is that lots of lingerie brands are starting to realize that it isn’t always about lace and a g-string. If you’re on the fence, start with something menswear inspired, like this calamity jane bodysuit that will look just a bit hotter than your favorite pair of jeans. (price $259)

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Organic Flannel Sheets

What’s the point of a sexy bedroom romp if you don’t have incredibly sheets to slide under and spoon in after you’re done? You know what they say about lesbians and flannel, so why limit the coziest fabric in the world to just a button-up shirt? These flannel sheets from Boll & Branch are made with 100% organic cotton. (price starts at $230)

For the Lesbian’s Best Friend

And by best friend, I mean fur friend. Who are lesbians and bi girls if we don’t have an unhealthy obsession with our pets? Grab your Subaru, some treats for you labrador, and browse these bow wow friendly gifts for the ones you really love the most this season.

Ski Lodge Pet Bed

Lesbians love nothing more than their fur babies, except maybe for Ellen DeGeneres. So when she came out with her own line of pet products for Pet Smart, we might have had a few heart palpitations. Your pup deserves the coziest, most stylish bed ever to keep warm all winter. Just make sure he wipes his feet before snuggling up in the ski lodge. (price $20)

House Cat Scratcher

I know not all lesbians have labradors (ok but most do though), so it’s only fair to include something for the feline obsessed as well. I’m a cat person and my wife is team bow wow, so we’ll be shopping for both. Cat scratching posts are some of the most visually unappealing decorations you can put in your house, but this one looks like an adorable home. Put it right beside your pup tent so all of the fur babes can cozy up together! (price $27.99)

Sebastianne the Bunny

Binky Bunny Holiday House

Cats and dogs are not the only pets, of course. Dod you know the house rabbit is the third most popular house pet in America? Our very own Editor in Chief owns two, and she likes the sites Binky Bunny and Bunny Approved for safe rabbit toys, feed, treats, and other essentials. Check out the Binky Bunny Holiday House and the Bunny Approved rabbit logic games for your own little bun buns!

For the Adventurous Dyke

Strap on your bean boots and slip into those cargo shorts, because we’re going to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether your true love is a regular Park Ranger or a brand new baby dyke, win her over with one of these fun, fearless gifts.

An All-Lesbian Cruise! (Or Resort Stay)

Olivia Travel is celebrating its 45th anniversary of creating a safe and fun space for lesbians to have the ultimate vacation. This February AfterEllen is joining them at the Hard Rock Hotel in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, and we’d love to see you there! In April 2018, Olivia Travel is heading on a Caribbean cruise to do it up like only Olivia can. During this island-bouncing cruise, travelers will be treated to some fabulous entertainment by lesbian folk singers, DJs, comedians, and more. Ticket prices vary, but the longer you wait, the more you’ll probably have to pay, so do it now! Won’t your wife love finding these tickets in her stocking?

Super Soft Sherpa Vest

Patagonia has been making some fiercely strong political statements this year, and we at AfterEllen are here for it. My wife and I both have a fleece vest obsession, and this year I’m getting her one of these to help battle the blistery northern PA winter in style. Whether your style is butch of you lean more femme, go with the men’s vest for length and layering. (price $149)

Hers and Hers Kayaks

I know I know, it’s winter, but some of us are west coasters, and some of us just dream or warm weather and outdoor activities year round. Kayaking is the ultimate lesbian activity, especially for the butch girl dating the femme who likes to be outside but well, not really exert herself. Me, that is me. Anyway, flatwater kayaking is my jam, because it’s the best of both worlds. Snag two of these, and be sure to shop at REI, because they scored a 95 with the HRC this year! (price $409 each)

For the Baby Dyke

These brand new lesbians are likely riding high on cloud 9. Fresh out of the closet, loud and proud, and ready to advertise their gayness to attract all of the glitter and gold that comes near them. Help these ladies feel the pride, and you, with these prezzies.

Plaid Button Down Shirt

The plaid shirt is like a calling card for lesbians. Make sure to she gets properly initiated into the club with her very own plaid button-down from the ultimate shirt-maker for Tomboy style, Kirrin Finch.

Target is also a great place to go for a good deal if you’re on a budget. (price $15)

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PRIDE Calendar

The rainbow flag is like a badge of honor for everyone in the gay community, but especially for baby dykes. This symbol really make us feel part of something bigger, so be sure to douse your newfound baby dyke in colorful stripes for her to wear proudly. She can keep this calendar at her desk to remember the feeling all year round. (price $14.99)

Love is Love Shirt

We’re fighting for our rights harder than every right now. Even the ones we have, we’re having to battle to hang on to. Remind your girl what the right is all about, and buy her something she can wear to send the message to everyone around her that she deserves love, because it’s for everyone. (price $29.99)

For the Dapper Butches and Bois

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Oxford Button Down 

For when it’s time to take it up a notch from the plaid button down, because she’s all grown up and probably owns a tie and dress shoes. Kirrin Finch makes the best quality for the best price when it comes to tailored looks, in our opinion, so you really can’t go wrong.

Dapper Boi Gift Card

Dapper Boi is a wholesale company offering a unique line of clothing for women who like to shop in the men’s department, but don’t want baggy clothes that aren’t made to fit a woman’s curves. Read more about the wife/wife team behind the clothes, and if you’re not sure what size to get, a gift card is the perfect solution.

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For more butch/androgynous gift ideas, check out Jocelyn’s 12 Days of Butchmas gift guide.

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For the Fabulous Femme

Lez be honest, because we’re all friends here. This is actually a list of gifts I want, so please feel free to send these links to my wife. Femme girls shop kind of like straight girls, as in give me all of the super girly things, from nail polish to a blowout. Just follow my lead, and you’ll go far with these feminine favorites.

Gabrielle Chanel Perfume

Both Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart have joined the ranks of iconic women who are the face of the timeless Chanel brand. Chanel has never lost its touch, or its ability to make a femme girl feel sexy and sophisticated. Boost her confidence and earn yourself major cool points by slipping a bottle of Gabrielle Chanel in her stocking. (price $135)

Pearl Earrings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls scream Audrey Hepburn, and every femme kind of wants to be her. Tiffany & Co has an incredibly track record with their LGBTQ support, and who doesn’t want to unwrap one of those little blue boxes from the girl they love they most? You’ll be her second favorite accessory if you splurge for these stunning, classic earrings this year. (price $225)

Classic Red Lip Paint

Take your girl out on a holiday date night letting her paint the town, and her lips, read with this Stunna Lip Paint in universal red. Rihanna released her Fenty makeup line this year, and we couldn’t be more obsessed. One of her goals was to create products that are flattering on every skin tone and type, so you the hard work on finding that perfect shade is already done for you. Maybe suggest she wear it with that lingerie you snagged above. (price $24)

For The Two Moms

Lesbians who have babies are proud. Like, really proud. They’ve worked damn hard to have this tiny human together, so give them some props by celebrating it with them. Plus, a tiny human can never have too many adorable onesies.

New Mamas Greeting Card

Sometimes all we really want to do is use our words to tell our loved ones how much we care. Hallmark tends to lack in their selection of same sex specific greeting cards, so this fabulous family opened up their own online boutique to serve families like ours. Know two moms who are celebrating a new little one? Send them your best with this card, and then hop on over to the onesie selection they have too! (price $4.95)

Two Mamas Tee for Kids

Another lesbian family who has decided to pursue their dreams and create the products they’d like to see when shopping for their own loved ones, the Urban Jungle Gym has an amazing collection of clothing for all ages and sizes. We grabbed this “two mama bears” t-shirt for our fiery redhead who just turned six this month. She loves showing off her multiple mamas! (price $20.00)

For The Gay Geek

Geek is a pretty all-encompassing term these days, kind of like nerd. By and large though, a geek means anyone who is entertainment obsessed. Think screen and page junkies. If your loves to curl up with a good book or a movie more than stepping out into the great outdoors, make her day special with these picks.

The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen

 In case you haven’t heard, Wonder Woman is here, and she’s queer. So are lots of other badass comic women, and so many of them are covered in the gorgeous guide to some of comic books’ best female superheroes. A woman’s place is saving the universe, so help her out a bit by buying her this book. (price $16.96)

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Tello Films is lesbian owned and produces and distributes high quality web series with a lesbian focus. Tello was the first online lesbian network to get an Emmy nomination, and we are in love with their newest series Riley Parra , the demon-slaying, woman-loving hard-nosed cop you’re bound to crush on.  If you want to surprise a lesbian TV or movie buff in your life, this is the perfect gift!

With the news of the revival that’s finally going to be headed our way, every chick in lesbo-land is going to need to re-binge the entire series of The L Word to get ready. There is no such thing as too many times when it comes to Bette and Tina love scenes, Dana in her tennis outfit, or Shane in those leather pants. (price $42)

Battle of the Sexes

The story of Billie Jean King and her unparalleled tennis career is one that is well known and beloved. She fought for equal pay for women and took down a misogynist in the process, cementing herself as the best in the world during her time. The lesser known story is the one that involved her love life back in those days, which this film did a beautiful job of bringing to the forefront. Relive this story of fierce bravery over and over again. (price $14.99)

The Price of Salt

You’re not a real lesbian or bi girl if you don’t already own a copy of Carol the movie that should have won every award in 2015. What you might not already have is the book the film was based on. The Patricia Highsmith novel, The Price of Salt, a bit different than the adaptation, and obviously, some would say better. The prose is gorgeous, and the story is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. (price $8.95)

What are you buying for the lesbian and bisexual women in your life? Let us know your favorite gifts in the comments!

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