Star Sign Real Talk: Brutally Honest Lesbian Horoscopes


Your fate is written in the stars.  A lot of astrology readings are painfully ambiguous and could apply to anyone.  We’ve decided not to sugar-coat what the stars are trying to communicate to you this week.  Scroll down to find your super straight-forward personal horoscopes and come back every Tuesday for your weekly forecast!

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Happy Birthday Sagittariuses!

If you were born between November 22nd to December 21st then you are a Sagittarius baby!  Your passion for making a change in the world is loud and clear.  Your instagram is filled with vagina-hat photos, protest signs, and trending hashtags that start new political movements.  You aren’t afraid to vocalize your opinions when you know it will impact society in a positive way.  Dinner for the holidays will be awkwardly entertaining for the rest of the family as they watch you drill Uncle Harry about his misunderstanding of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Love Compatibility for Sagittariuses

An Aquarius will not only understand and respect your need to infuse societal change — but they will also join you.  After an exhausting day of trolling Trump’s Twitter posts, your Aquarius partner will be whipping up the perfect tea elixir to calm your nerves and open your heart chakra.  You are the fighter and they are your healer.

Saggittariuses You May Recognize

Star-Sign Real Talk: Brutally Honest Lesbian Horoscopes

If you have a fragile ego (Ahem, Leos…) then you’re going to have to put your Sensitive Sally in check.  This isn’t your local Sunday newspaper’s horoscope section.  AfterEllen is about to get REAL with you right now.  If you think you can handle it, scroll down and find out what that stars are actually saying to you this week.


March 21 – April 19

Your social circle’s demand for attention has been sucking the life out of you.  Although you appreciate the bonding experiences, your energy levels feel like they are under attack.  At this point you strongly desire to curl up in a onesie by yourself to work on a project you’ve been putting off.  You’re not going to be able to get out of your social obligations without damaging your relationships so it’s high time you suck it up and realize that you love these fools.  It is possible to create a delicate balance between your personal endeavors and your social life if you pull it together and up your time-management game.  In the meantime, allow yourself a quiet moment on the couch with a bag of Cheetos before things start to get real.