Lez Dish It Out! The AfterEllen Les/Bi News Round-Up


Chastity Brown just released a new music video that celebrates lesbians! And love! And weddings!

The singer, songwriter, and musician just recently released her new album called Silhouette of Sirens, and she dropped a heartfelt music video for a single from it. The super sweet, soulful song “Whisper” and video for its follows a group of women as two of them develop a relationship. We watch their love blossom throughout the video, which concludes with a wedding that’s presided over by Brown herself.

I grabbed some stills of this gorgeous montage for you to feast your eyes on.

Brown had the following to say to OUT magazine about this particular song for the video premiere:

This is a love song. I wanted the video to be a string of intimate moments that represent the beauty of queer love.

Chastity Brown is an incredibly talented artist, so be sure to grab her new album, and give the video for “Whisper” a watch here.

Speaking of lesbian representation in music, chances are you’ve heard Hayley Kiyoko’s new pop anthem “Feelings,” but have you seen that adorable video yet? It was released a few weeks ago on MTV’s “Total Request Live” revival show, and has already passed two million hits on YouTube.

The singer recently did an interview with Billboard discussing the fun song, the video inspiration, and mainstream acceptance.

On the fan response to her video:

 It’s amazing. I’m so thrilled and excited that people are watching the video and they’re loving it. It’s one of my favorite videos I’ve done, and it was one of the hardest videos, and there was a lot of work that went behind it. It feels great that people are actually watching it.

Kiyoko also addressed initial pushback she received during the creation of her earlier music videos and their lesbian content:

 I feel like people are starting to get the hang of it, that I’m going to always like girls and there’s always going to be a girl involved in the video. There’s multiple ways of telling those stories, and you know, if I do my job correctly I should be able to tell those stories every time and have it be fresh and unique because there’s so many different parts of relationships.

Watch Hayley Kiyoko’s music video for “Feelings” here.

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