Lez Dish It Out! The AfterEllen Weekly Round-Up


Tegan and Sara are doing an acoustic performance at Amoeba!

I need you guys to know how much I love Tegan and Sara. I mean I try my best to incorporate them in every round up, so when they actually do things it just makes my job easier.


The duo announced that in celebration of the release of The Con X: Covers, they will be doing an acoustic show and signing at Amoeba in Hollywood on October 19th before doing two shows at The Theatre Ace Hotel in LA. You have to buy the album to get a signed poster and the proceeds got to the Tegan and Sara Foundation because they are beautiful wholesome human beings and we do not deserve them. The Con X: Covers is out October 20th.

I can’t contain my excitement about Alia Shawkat in Transparent’s fourth season.

Now I haven’t seen the new season yet, which was released last weekend. But I know Alia Shawkat is in it and I feel like I should be emotionally preparing myself because I love her with my whole gay heart. I mean I was already excited about the new season of the show despite the fact that the only lesbian couple got gay divorced, but knowing that Shawkat is going to be in it makes me want to cancel all the plans I’ve made this week so I can binge until my eyes hurt and I have no sense of time.