Samira Wiley Charms SELF Magazine in a Dope Tracksuit


“She can have the still beauty of an oil painting, but also make you laugh out loud, or spontaneously fill you with rage—yet she’s not self-conscious or showy, or overdone. She just seems to be enjoying herself.” – SELF magazine, reporting on Samira Wiley

Photo by Earl Gibson III/WireImage

Photo by Earl Gibson III/WireImage

SELF magazine managed to snag an interview with one of our favorite people on this planet, Samira Wiley. In an exclusive interview and video, Wiley shares what it’s like to be a Black lesbian role model, her thoughts on playing two gay roles back to back, and her feelings about her marriage, family, and coming out.

On being a role model as a black lesbian:

“It can feel overwhelming sometimes, representing so much for so many people at such a crazy time. But I feel like as artists, we have a responsibility to represent the times we live in,” Wiley tells SELF. “When you have a platform and so many people looking up to you, I feel like it’s your responsibility to step up to the plate.”

On “The Handmaid’s Tale” and what it means in today’s climate:

“We started filming before the election, and sure, we still felt like what we were doing was relevant and timely,” she tells SELF. “But once the election happened we were like, holy shit, our responsibly now is so much more to make sure that we present this with excellence so that people will pay attention.”

On playing two gay characters back to back:

“I love Poussey, and I love Moira, and I’m so honored to be able to play these women who shed light on what it’s like to be a woman today.”

On her marriage:

“I love having someone on my team. Also, the other day, she bought me a really dope tracksuit.”

What more could you want from a marriage? Congrats, Samira!

For more, including her coming out story when she was twenty, and growing her own family (does Samira want kids?), read the full SELF EXCLUSIVE.

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