Lacie and Robin Reacting to ‘Skirt Club’ is Why We Love This Couple So Much


First of all, if you have never heard of Lacie and Robin, you are missing out on one of the most adorable and hilarious lesbian couples that YouTube has ever seen. Seriously. Do something about that.

Second, if you’ve never heard of ‘Skirt Club,’ well, neither had we. It’s apparently a club where women who want to have their first sexual encounter with another woman (and possibly their only encounter) come together in a totally glam atmosphere. And from what we gather based on the title, also wearing skirts.

We just don’t even know what to make of such a club, and we have no idea if anyone in it has ever written a “what happens in skirt club, stays in skirt club’ pact, or loved it or was severely traumatized by it. But what we do have a definite opinion on is Lacie and Robin’s reaction to is hilarious, and that’s all we care about. Watch, and you’re welcome. And be sure to check out their new blog, because you will laugh even more, and there are goats.


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