Did the First Lesbian “Love Connection” Find Love?


Did you tune in last week  to the lesbian herstory that was made on FOX’s revived dating game show Love Connection? AfterEllen interviewed the show’s first ever lesbian contestant, Liz Baxter, and we’ve been pacing back and forth to hear how love went down following the show. What happened  after the TV was turned off and the love matches disappeared into the night? LESBIAN MINDS NEED TO KNOW!

Well, here’s a follow-up! Liz and Alison, who ended up matching on Love Connection and then sharing a first kiss in front of a live studio audience (no pressure or anything) have made a YouTube video updating us on their lives post-show. We love them for this and we really, REALLY love how well they represent femme lesbians. Because yes, femme lesbians exist! And we agree with what these two wonderful ladies say in the video about needing more lesbian representation of all kinds in the media. And it looks like something magical is in the works…

Just watch. (And lucky for us, they’re making more! )


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