Styled Out: Your best bet for brunch


Sunday brunch is practically a gay holiday: A day to celebrate and to revere as it’s most definitely an occasion amongst homos. Brunch makes it a-okay to get day drunk and summer time is prime brunch season, as there are patios for us to enjoy and to entice our otherwise reclusive friends to hang out with us on because it doesn’t conflict with bedtimes and other adult responsibilities.

Brunch, how I love thee.

While it’s a time to recline and reflect on the week’s events with your pals, you’re sure to leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth if you go “too cas,” and I don’t mean from drinking too many mimosas. Let’s go over the rules.

You may have had the same friends since the good old college days, but unlike rolling out of bed and showing up to class — unless a friend is hosting an implied casual brunch in their home — it’s entirely inappropriate to show up anywhere where they’re serving champagne in your p.j.s, I don’t care how much your buddies love you. When you dress sloppy, it reflects on you and your (possible) hangover. If you can’t get it together to at least throw on some jeans, eat a bagel and grab a “hair of the dog” a bit later in the day.

Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed and Ellen Page all looking casually good in the daytime

That being said, jeans and a loose shirt are a great way to pack in all the french toast and eggs you can handle without feeling like you’re going to bust at the seams. Brunch is a gluttonous time in our lives and if you’re eating consciously throughout the week, I say go for it — just dress for it. That way you won’t leave your favorite restaurant feeling like a blimp, even after a full plate and a couple of Bloodys.

Brunch is the perfect opportunity to pull out your favorite hat, hair scarf or headband that you haven’t worn during the week for fear of being too casual at your place of biz. My girlfriend sometimes can’t go through the “agony” of washing her (short) hair before we drag ourselves to our favorite brunch spot, Tweet and pulls out a hat to disguise the bed head. I opt for hair scarves or hair pins more often than not because I’m not apt to wear them at my day job.

I’m lusting after this one currently, though my hair rarely permits me to wear such awesome hats.

Are you a slob or suave at “Homo High Tea”?

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