Ari Fitz is the Lesbian Who Taught Us How to Cuddle


Ari Fitz has been on our gaydar (lezdar?) for years now, because she’s funny and charming and smart and duh…hot. When I opened up the world wide web today and saw this adorable video I knew that I needed to share it with AE immediately. But first, a word about cuddling. There are generally two types of pre-sleep (or post sex) cuddlers. There are the kind who want a quickish snuggle before rolling over and falling asleep sans being touched (yours truly, and I can relate to Ari here) and then there are the all-night cuddlers who seem to have no problem at all falling asleep all entwined. I’m sure you can relate.

But only Ari would post a video demonstrating actual cuddle positions. And really, there’s just nothing not to love about this video. Watch:

When she’s not demonstrating cuddle techniques, Ari makes some of my favorite YouTube videos, including her famous  lesbians react series that always make me smile, and very often laugh out loud. This recent one on lesbians reacting to gay scenes in movies and T.V. is a classic.

The multi-talented filmmaker, model, fashion icon, and YouTuber makes a new video everyday, and you can subscribe to her CHANNEL and keep up with her on Twitter @itsarifitz

Also check out Ari’s other channel TOMBOYISH, where she delivers tomboy style every week.

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