American Girl Just Had a Boy and That’s Good for Feminism


American Girl released its new addition to their doll family this year, and surprise! It’s a boy! Now, as a toy, the first audience to ask about whether it is a good idea or not are the people who are going to be playing with the toy – kids. And that’s exactly what this company did in this very amusing video of little girls and boys reacting to the first ever American Girl  – err boy – doll. Now I am not usually one to watch cute kid videos, but I’m glad I watched this. These kids are hilariously candid as children usually are, and they have some strong and varied opinions about this bold new boy doll.

I don’t have kids (and barely remember being one) but it seems to me that this could be a positive step with regard to gender equality, as one of the boys in the video points out, “Every toy in the world is for boys and girls!” Although I did have to laugh out loud at the little girl who voiced one complaint about the doll, lamenting, “It’s just weird because now there are going to be boys at the doll store!” I feel you, sister. I never liked to hang out with boys, either. But a boy doll does send a clear, if subtle, feminist message: girls aren’t relegated to kitchen play sets and dolls (unless they choose those toys) and boys aren’t limited to toy trains and cars. Both genders can choose what to play with, which has the positive effect of disregarding gender roles and hopefully, an early nipping in the bud of that pesky toxic masculinity no one cares for.

But enough from me. Here’s what the youth of today had to say:



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