Young Gay Filipino Woman Creates the Coolest Tiny Home


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of those tiny houses, go off the grid, and scale back? Waaaaay back? Have you ever dreamed of packing it all up and taking off on the open road with everything you own in one car – or van, perhaps? Well that’s what this young gay Filipino woman did when she bought her dream mobile and headed to the California desert. In this short documentary, Christine shares her past struggles of coming out as gay to her family, losing that family, then finding and losing love.

After her marriage falls apart, she makes the best of a bad situation, and her tiny home doesn’t look half bad! We like the way she remodeled this badass aqua blue van – “Rosa Lee” – and all the cozy and clever finishes she added. In case it inspires someone out there to do the same, take a look at this short documentary, Queer Vanlife.

Documentary by Dylan Magaster

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