How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single


So it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single.  No need to engage in a swiping marathon on Tinder in hopes to find a last minute date.  Being single on Valentine’s Day can be fun if you embrace your greatest companion: Yourself.

Below is a list of ways to celebrate self-love on this special day.

Be your own Valentine.

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If you wanted chocolate, flowers, and champagne on this day of hearts and romance, you no longer have to suffer through the disappointment of a partner bringing you the brand of chocolate you least enjoy, flowers you are specifically allergic to,  or — worst of all — showing up empty-handed.  You can treat yourself to exactly what makes you feel the most satisfied because there is no one who knows what you want more than you.

“Netflix and chill” solo.

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Another good thing about being single is that you don’t have to compromise your great (or terrible) taste in streaming media.  Whether you like cheesy b-movies, terrifying horror flicks, or off the cusp avant-garde art films you don’t have to sacrifice your binge watching desires for anybody else.

Rebel against consumerism.

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The pressure isn’t on when you don’t have to buy anyone chocolate covered strawberries and a rose gold necklace with encrusted diamonds.  Now you can forget to make a reservation at a four star restaurant without being the cause of your partner’s emotional breakdown. The days of dreading empty-wallet syndrome are over.  You can now revel in being part of the movement to decrease support of consumer-driven holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

Cuddle with your fur-baby.



No one loves you more than your pet.  You can literally have the worst morning breath and bad hair day without having to worry about whether you’re being judged.  Puppies and kitties have nothing but unconditional love pouring out of their tiny hearts.

Be productive.


Dive into that do-it-yourself project you always wanted to start.  Catch up on work that you’ve been procrastinating on.  Fix that leaky faucet.  Give your home a thorough deep-cleaning.  Do your taxes.  Build something from scratch.  Write a poem.  Finish that painting.  Start learning how to play an instrument.  If you’re not in the most celebratory mood, throwing yourself into the process of a new accomplishment will boost your spirit.




Spread your love onto others who are in need by lending a helping hand.  While couples are stuffing their faces with lobster and drooling over their new shiny objects, you will be sharing your heart with those who need it the most by volunteering your time to a good cause.  Engaging in altruism is the purest type of love.

Focus on self-improvement.



Hang out at the gym.  Learn something new at a local workshop or class.  Prepare a healthy meal.  Meditate.  Read an enriching book.  Practice yoga.  Listen to informative Podcasts.  YouTube intellectually stimulating content.  Get a massage.  Go to the spa.  Attend a local community meeting.  Fully immerse yourself in anything that helps you be a better version of you.




What better time is there to backpack through Europe or hike the Rocky Mountains than when you aren’t tied down to the obligation of being romantic with someone else?  While everyone else is stressing about whether they are meeting their partner’s holiday needs, you can relax on the island beaches of Hawaii stress-free.

Go on a friend date.



You can still enjoy the ambiance of a romantic evening with a platonic friend.  Dress up, enjoy the candles, and spend the evening with someone special in your life — friends don’t let friends V-Day it alone.

Get wasted.

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Whether you have other single buddies who want to join in on your party endeavors or you’re ready to mingle unaccompanied, there’s no one jealously holding you back from a good time.  It’s just you, booze, and freedom.  Bond with your friends or hook up with a sexy stranger.  The night is young.  Anything can happen.

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