9 Surprise Lesbian Marriage Proposals That Melted Our Hearts

1.Let’s start things off with a tear-jerker. When you think you’re getting a puppy, but you get something even better.

2. A Christmastime proposal in NYC, complete with caroling, is a magical thing.

3. Keeping with that theme, the holidays are actually the perfect time to propose if you want to ask your love in front of the whole family, which is just what this woman did. It’s a bit long, but there is a lot of history here, and it will warm your wintertime heart.

4. Sometimes it’s better to propose in front of a stadium of strangers who feel like family.


5. Adorable couple Whitney and Megan, aka “Wegan”, of “What Wegan Did Next” fame. They’re also  owners of the new dating app, Find Femmes. This one is special because these two were in a long-distance international relationship before finally getting the chance to tie the knot. You can watch more about their epic love, HERE.

6. This couple who got a little help from Kelly Clarkson

7. Lesbians love to propose on the beach, and this one was two years in the making!

8. Some lesbians appreciate a good adrenaline rush proposal.


9. Last but certainly not least, when your love is a part of history.