6 Gay-Friendly Booze Brands for Stocking Your Holiday Bar


If you’re the sort who needs a reason to raise a toast, the perfect excuse has arrived: the holidays. These gay-friendly brands are great options to have on hand for holiday parties, unexpected guests, and those days when you just want to curl up on the couch with a delicious cocktail.

Image: www.absolut.com

Image: www.absolut.com


Absolut has been a supporter of the gay community since the 1980s. In 2008, Absolut worked with Gilbert Baker, creator of the rainbow flag, to produce Absolut Colors, a limited edition rainbow bottle. It’s perfect, and perfectly festive, for your holiday bar.


2 oz. vodka

.5 oz vermouth

Olives or lemon twists

Pour ingredients into a shaker that has been filled with ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with olives or a lemon twist.


Starbucks flew the Pride flag over their headquarters to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, and in 2015, they made 97 Seattle-area stores into LGBT Safe Places for victims of hate crimes.

The company makes both a coffee and a cream liqueur. Put a bottle on your bar, put a shot in your coffee. If you’re being fancy, put a dollop of whipped cream on top of that coffee. If you’re being really fancy, make your guests—and yourself—an espresso martini.

Espresso Martini

2 oz. vodka

1 oz. coffee liqueur

1 oz. coffee (cold)

Simple syrup to taste (start with .5 oz)

Pour ingredients into a shaker that has been filled with ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into a martini glass.


In 2015, the company produced an ad to show its support for gay marriage, noting that, “Every Pairing is Perfect.” This vodka would be great in a Bloody Mary, and a Bloody Mary is a great excuse to drink during the day.

Bloody Mary

4 oz. tomato juice

2 oz. vodka

1 to 2 teaspoons prepared horseradish

dash celery salt

4 to 5 dashes hot sauce of your choice

Lemon and lime wedges, celery, cucumber, pickles, or whatever you prefer for garnish

Combine ingredients in a glass and stir until blended. Pour over ice. Garnish as you choose.

Bud Light

Bud Light has partnered with GLAAD and other LGBT organizations, and in June 2016, released a commercial set at a same sex wedding that declared, “Bud Light proudly supports everyone’s right to marry whoever they want.”

A simple and easy option, there’s no need to do anything except crack it open and drink, unless you’re someone who feels the need to pour beer into a glass.


More and more vineyards support the gay and lesbian community working with companies like Out in the Vineyard and taking part in events such as Gay Wine Weekend, an annual event in California’s Sonoma Valley. Look for gay- friendly wineries including Chateau St. Jean, Sebastiani Vineyards, DeLoach Vineyards and Francis Ford Coppola Winery.

Wine doesn’t require much, just make sure you have a wine key or some other type of opener! If you decide to get something bubbly—it’s the holidays after all—and want to go the extra mile, give this a try.

Lava Lamp

6 oz. champagne

4 dried cranberries

Fill glass with champagne. Add dried cranberries. The cranberries will float around the glass like the bubbles in a lava lamp. If you’d prefer the drink with a hint of pink, add two or three teaspoons of cranberry juice.

Mount Gay

Because it’s Mount Gay! And because egg nog is the quintessential holiday drink. And rum is the perfect partner for egg nog.

Egg Nog

6 oz. egg nog

*Save yourself the trouble and use the store bought variety. There are good non-dairy versions available now, too.

2 oz. rum

Pour egg nog and rum into a glass and stir until well blended. Pour over ice, if desired. Sprinkle with nutmeg.


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